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Best Food Markets In New York City

New York has much more to offer than meets the eye. As well as the rows and rows of high street, department and designer stores, masses of restaurants and thousands of hotels, there are also some fantastic little wonders to be found including a vast array of food markets specialising in cuisine from around the globe.

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Chelsea Market, New York City
Chelsea Market, New York City (Photo credit: marcoderksen)

The covered and open-air food markets of New York City are where food lovers head to when they want a tasty feast, or to buy some of the most fresh and exciting ingredients for their cooking. Among the yummy treats you can find butter covered fresh lobster rolls, stone baked pizzas, authentic Mexican wraps or even hand-pies, which are pies that you can eat without cutlery or crockery (like a pasty) – awesome, isn’t it?

And you don’t have to stop there. You can finish off with a choice of amazing desserts, like crepes filled with things you could never imagine, or a trio of miniature cupcakes each a different flavour, or even gluten-free cakes. All of these culinary delights are made from fresh local ingredients and are made in the local area by local people, so you are really getting a taste of New York.

There are lots of New York food markets tours available in the city if you want to have guided tours of the markets. This can be a great way to figure out where the hidden treasures are, as you can always head back to them yourself to have a proper look around, as some of the markets might take you a good half day to get around and really sample the wonders that they have to offer. As a guide, here are three popular NY food markets to get your teeth into…

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market in Manhattan is an enclosed New York food market with some of the best food delights in all of NYC. It’s a great place for lovers of heat, as this NYC food market often runs ‘chili fests’ where you can try a vast number of different chillies from some of the city’s hottest restaurants and chefs. There’s also a massive choice of stalls selling scrummy crunchy nuts, fine wines, exceptional coffees and everything in between. You can also indulge in a selection of the finest New York cheesecakes.

Chelsea Market, New York City
Chelsea Market, New York City (Photo credit: marcoderksen)

LIC Flea Market

This outdoor flea market starts in April where you can get your hands on some wonderful gastronomic delights to munch on while you trawl through the clothing, gifts and antiques. You can indulge in some tasty New York style pizzas, kebabs, sausage and egg baps, slow cooked brisket of beef, and other exotic dishes like candied jalapenos, Boerewors and PB&J stacks.

LIC Market
LIC Market (Photo credit: gsz)

Union Square Greenmarket

This market is the one to go to if you want fresh, seasonal produce right from the farmers. This is the place where all of the top restaurant owners go to get the best quality foodstuffs to create their best dishes, with much of the produce coming from Hudson Valley farmers.

English: Farmers market at Union Square, New Y...
English: Farmers market at Union Square, New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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