3 Reasons To Eat At… Farm Fresh Burgers And Shakes

Farm Fresh Burgers and Shakes is just another reason why I love Kingston which includes Banquet Records, Creams Cafe and Mino.

Here is my review and 3 reasons why you should eat at Farm Fresh Burgers and Shakes.

Finally, a decent onion ring burger

I’m not a fan of onion rings in burgers. It’s a gimmick. They end up stodgy in a burger. There I said it. And I’m not taking it back.

Until now.

Tim, you’re so dramatic.


Not only was there one crispy opinion ring, but two in the Farm Fresh Burger (£7.90). You read that right.

Grass fed beef

The beef used in Farm Fresh Burgers’ is grass fed (and halal), which is apparently better than cows fed on grains. Grains are an unnatural diet and generally forces cows to grow up and mature quicker than nature intended.  It’s suggested grass fed cows have more nutrients too.

The name Farm Fresh Burgers makes a whole lot of sense now.


If you’ve read my best places to have a milkshake in London, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of milkshakes.

Fresh Farm Burgers have a ridiculous menu of milkshakes to choose from – 12 to be exact.

All your favourite chocolates are here from Maltesers to Kit Kat to Ferrero Rocher.

I opted for the Kinder Bueno White. Solid or liquid form, it just works.

What do you recommend at Farm Fresh Burgers? Tell me in the comments section below.



15 Penrhyn Road
Kingston Upon Thames


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