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Feel Alone In The World: Private Island Resorts In Australia

In the last couple of years more and more people visit different resorts all over the world, but the truth is that few of them choose Australia as a destination. This is quite understandable, especially when taking into account the prices of the airline tickets nowadays. Of course, people who have the desire and opportunity to enjoy a magnificent vacation with their partner in a world that is quite different from the ones they are used to go to. All this can make your Australian adventure an experience of a lifetime that can bring you many positive emotions and beautiful memories.

Usually, associations with paradise are connected to most tropical islands’ appearance – a lot of sun, crystal ocean waters and fine white sand on which there are scattered numerous palms. And from any other places on earth, there are some Australian private island resorts that attract people who want to feel themselves alone in the world by enchanting the tourists with their exotic beauty, privacy and sunny beaches.

Here are some of the greatest private island resorts you can visit in Australia:

Lizard Island

How would you find the northernmost Australian island resort, which is situated in the very heart of the world’s largest coral reef? Here you can enjoy your privacy by having a dinner at the beach, by having a picnic or diving in the bluest ocean waters ever seen. The island offers its visitors 24 white sand beaches, which gives them opportunity to have some piece, privacy and relaxation.

The Lizard Island is situated right in the emerald waters of the Great Barrier Reef and is the one that is considered to have the most beautiful beaches of all Australian resorts. And thanks to the fact that the island is relatively far from the continent but it is very near to the reef, it has some of the most transparent and beautiful blue waters, which offer some of the best diving places in the world.

Orpheus Island Resort

Orpheus Island Resort is relatively small, which in fact is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy a little privacy with their partner or family. There is a private complex, where there is a restaurant, two bars, two swimming pools, a tennis court, etc. Only natural and eco-products are served, and the luxurious accommodation and magnificent seaside make this island a unique place where you can really feel the beneficial effects of relaxation.

Hayman Island Resort

Hayman Island Resort is situated on a private island in Australia and is known for the fact that it provides it visitors with some of the best spa procedures on the continent. It offers great variety of spa and beauty procedures, and special water treatment, which makes it one of the most-visited private island resorts.

Hayman Island is pretty tiny, actually, but it offers luxury, and exotic and unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. The island is located north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is one of the best tourist destinations, providing its visitors with elegant villas on the beach, polls and other five-star facilities that make relaxation there desired by anyone.

The wildlife is also well-preserved on the island and is represented by some protected and rare birds species. Hayman Island is a place of idyllic atmosphere, which makes it a favourite destination for honeymooners.

Wilson Island Resort

Wilson Island resort is located just above the Tropic of Capricorn, approximately 72 km from the coast of Queensland. The island is a part of the Great Barrier Reef. Those, who are attracted by the opportunity of visiting it will surely be attracted of its natural beauty, sense of privacy and remoteness of today’s modern lifestyle.

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