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How To Choose The Best Knife For Hiking

We all know there are many benefits to be gained from getting out into the fresh air, experiencing all nature has to offer, and that hiking is a great way to do this. But did you know that hiking not only helps you to keep fit and improve your physical health, but it also helps boost your mood, improves your mental health and encourages better sleep? Hence we know that hiking is not easy; we have to carry many essential things with us, but the bag in which we carry our whole stuff should be a waterproof canvas backpack because these bags are considered the best for hiking due to their good capacity and long lasting durability

two person walking towards mountain covered with snow

In this article, we’re going to look more closely at the benefits of hiking and also one of the most necessary tools to take with you on any hiking trip: the folding knife. We’ll look at the importance of knives in hiking as well as what to look for in choosing the best hiking knife for you. And if you’re an EDC advocate, we’ll even suggest the best EDC knife for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! So, what exactly are the benefits of hiking?

  1. Keep fit, lose weight and build muscle.s Ok, so this one might be obvious, but the benefits are so great, it’s worth recapping and emphasizing this point. Hiking is a great way to keep fit, and because you spend most of your time thinking about where to place your feet and looking out at the amazing views, you hardly notice the demands it places on your body. So, you working hard without realising it. Now, that’s the kind of exercise we like! Hiking requires balance and stamina, so it naturally builds muscle over time, and the aerobic aspect of the activity helps you to lose weight if accompanied by a sensible diet too.
  1. It’s great for mental health. Being in the outdoors with the fresh air on your face and the sights and sounds of nature in your eyes and ears can have an enormously positive impact on your psychological wellbeing. Being outdoors encourages you to be present, in the moment and mindful. It can either encourage the mind to slow down, or even enter a meditative state. There’s good reason why walking meditations have grown in popularity in recent years.
  1. It can strengthen bones and improve heart health. Regular hiking can help to build bone mass and can also help to lower blood pressure and even blood sugar. This means it is particularly beneficial for people who differ with cholesterol issues or diabetes. Over time, hiking can help you to improve your endurance levels.
  1. It can help you sleep. The act of hiking not only helps to clear the head and mentally help you put things into perspective, it can also support better sleep patterns. The fresh air you take in on a hike also helps!

However, as we are also well aware, hiking in the great outdoors can be fraught with natural obstacles, which is why it is a good idea to be as prepared as possible for any eventuality. One of the best pieces of equipment you can take with you on a hiking trip is the trusty foldable pocket knife.

Tips For Finding The Best Hiking Knife

  1. A folding knife is a great choice for hiking as the blade is concealed inside a case, making it safer to travel with and more compact. 
  2. Choose a high quality, high-spec blade. Heat-treated D2 Steel foldable pocket knife is ideal as it is known to strongly maintain an edge and can withstand damage from abrasive and adhesive wear. It is a high carbon and high chromium air-hardened steel often used in applications that require very high wear resistance and high compression strength.
  3. Look for a blade with a rapid flipper deployment, so you have fast, convenient access to the blade whenever you need it.
  4. For added convenience, look for a hiking knife that has multiple ways to carry it, such as via pocket clip, keychain or lanyard.
  5. Look for a hiking knife that has balanced weight and a solid grip for accurate ease of use. Check that the shape and contour of the handle fits your hand, making it less likely your hand will slip. A good hiking knife will have a choil for the index finger and a recess on the spine of the handle, designed for the thumb to sit on. 
  6. A jimped spine is another feature to look out for. This is where a series of notches appears on the spine of the blade near the handle. They are designed to provide even greater grip for your finger, so as to improve safety and precision of cutting.
  7. Finally, look for ceramic ball bearings in the flip mechanism to ensure the opening action is smooth and the blade is held firm. Ceramic bearings are more expensive than the more commonly used phosphor bronze bushings, but they really do give the knife an edge.

A good hiking knife can and should be a long-lasting investment. Make sure you spend the time now seeking one that is the highest quality you can afford, with features that will enhance your hiking experience, and not hinder it.

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