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5 Fun Things To Do In Geneva

When you are in Geneva, you will immediately notice the romantic city as it has very many spectacular views as well as striking works of architecture.

The city has been ranked as the most romantic city in the whole of Switzerland and if you are planning for a romantic gateway during winter, this should be your number one spot.

When you are planning your city break in Geneva, you should make sure that you have the whole area covered in terms of best sports, best destinations, best things to see and the best places to eat! You will enjoy the French Alps as well as ice-skating and many other activities. Geneva is a very welcoming city that sees to it that you get 100% out of your holiday. You can always get down by use of a plane or using a bus, a train or personal means if you are around the city.

A visit to Lake Geneva

lake geneva
lake geneva (Photo credit: peter barwick)

You should never leave Geneva without giving its beautiful Lake Geneva a tour.It is a mountain lake that empties into the Rhone River. This is one of the largest lakes in Europe and it borders France and Switzerland.

You will be able to fish in the lake as it is home to many fishes such as the Northern Pike.You will also be able to engage in Yacht racing as it is a very famous sport that takes place in the lake. You can also take a trip to the islands on the lake and enjoy the wonderful scenery. One of these islands is Château de Chillon.

Ice hockey in Geneva

everybody loves ice hockey
everybody loves ice hockey (Photo credit: kcakduman)

This is a very famous sport in Geneva and you will be able to engage in amateur ice hockey just for the fun of it. You will also be able to watch the games by the regional teams and if you are lucky enough, you can watch a professional game. They have hockey for kids as well as for adults and if you are with family, both you and the kids can have a good time.

You can visit the Fox Valley Ice Arena for a hockey game. They also offer adult classes and they will train you in the best ways of ice hockey.

Ice skating in the ice rinks

Geneva017 (Photo credit: Royal Olive)

The area around Lake Geneva has a lot of ice rinks so it is very easy for you to enjoy skating. One of these areas is the Recreation Complex. You will need to get a season pass in order to be able to get into the complex. Ice skating is an activity that takes place in the whole of Geneva and this is just an example of one of those spots where you can enjoy a very nice ice rink.

Before going to the recreational complex, you should make sure that you have the right kind of pass or you will not be able to enjoy the ice rink there.

Enjoy a mountain excursion

Driving back from Geneva - 20070118_IMG_2002
Driving back from Geneva – 20070118_IMG_2002 (Photo credit: Sally Payne)

You should take a trip to the mountain Saleve that is located just near to France. If you are a lover of nature, you will definitely enjoy its fauna and flora as well as its fresh air.

You will get an unbeatable view of Geneva when you are at the mountain top. You can easily take a car to the mountain without any problems and it will leave you at the top, that is, if you use the cable car. It is a very lovely view as the Jura Mountains will be at the backdrop and you will also be able to see the Lake Geneva from such a vantage point.

Enjoy a game of badminton, tennis and bowling

There are many indoor winter sports that you can engage in while in Geneva and badminton, tennis and bowling are just but a few. There are so many indoor and outdoor ice rinks that you can take advantage of. There are many resorts around Geneva such as the La Dole, Les Gets and the Chamonix. The first is located near the Jura Mountains while the rest are in the backdrop of the Alps Mountains. All these resorts and others are able to hold winter sports and you will also be able to enjoy the backdrop of the mountains. They are only about 2 hours give or take form Geneva and they are worth your while.

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