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How To Fly Like A Pro – 6 First Time Flying Tips

Air travel can be stressful due to crowded airports, chaotic boarding procedures, faulty check-in machines or overpriced restaurants. Endless long security checks and short connecting flights can spoil your travel experience every now and then before you even arrive at your holiday destination. Even if you try to stay in the holiday mood, many people can probably remember such unpleasant airport situations. 

Today we present 6 tips to make sure you arrive at your destination much more relaxed – whether you’re on holiday or on business. 

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#1 Traveling through time zones

If you are travelling in a different time zone, we recommend that you adjust to the new time zone that awaits you a few days before the flight. For example, if the time difference is six hours, you will go to bed two hours later two days before the flight and four hours later the day before the flight. Flight attendants also suggest setting the clock to the new time the day before departure. In this way you can get used to the new time zone on the day of the flight. Goodbye jetlag! 

#2 Relaxed skin for a relaxed flight

During a flight, the air is particularly dry, which can also affect your skin. Your skin dries out faster in the air, it stretches faster and may cause an uncomfortable feeling in your body. If you provide it with enough moisture – you can simply use a commercially available moisturizer or CBD creams – your skin will feel smooth and relaxed. A relaxed body feeling in turn has a positive effect on your mind!

#3 Avoid airport food

Just before leaving for the airport, check everything again: passport, mobile phone, charging cable, wallet – everything with you! Are you ready to go? We recommend packing enough snacks in any case. Nuts, energy bars or fruits fit in every bag and are not only healthy, but also practical to satisfy the small hunger on the way. This saves you the money for expensive and usually unhealthy airport food. An extra tip: take an empty water bottle with you, which you can easily take through the security check. At the gate you can fill up with water instead of buying an overpriced bottle. 

#4 Don’t forget entertainment

What you usually forget in the hectic pace before departure is the entertainment during the flight to make the time as pleasant as possible. Depending on the duration of your flight, you can quickly download a few songs, podcasts or audio books to your mobile phone or tablet at home, which you can listen to in flight mode. Even if you forget to think about it at home, most airports have reliable and free Wi-Fi, so you can do it at the gate just before departure and be prepared for the flight.

#5 Using Apps

Be sure to use the corresponding airport app or the app of the airline you are travelling with! This way you can easily avoid long queues, check delays in time and check your reservations. If you don’t check in your luggage and already check in online via the app, you can save yourself a complete queue and go directly to the security checkpoints. Some airlines even offer passengers free on-board entertainment via the apps.

#6 Bring understanding with you

The sixth and last tip for relaxed air travel: understanding for stressed flight attendants or flight delays. Admittedly – it can be annoying when a flight is delayed – especially if you fly very early in the morning and could have stayed in bed for two hours. But at the end of the day, air travel is a logistical masterpiece and it’s surprising that it works so smoothly when you consider what’s behind it. Our editorial staff came across the following infographics, which summarize the past year within air travel. The visualization of the data makes it clear how much work air travel requires. Remembering and understanding the unexpected from time to time not only relaxes you, but also the staff at the airport and on board. 

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Infographic uses current travel data to visualise what is going on at airports and in tourism in the space of one year.
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