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Fore! Playa Mujeres Golf Guys’ Getaway

Playa Mujeres golf course cancun mexico. Guys only. Who’s in?” Normally I’d be annoyed with my brother for sending a group text so early in the morning, but this one caught my attention. I hit snooze a couple more times and then picked up the phone to reply. The other guys had already chimed in “Cancun, let’s go!”, “The Spanish for golf is golf hahaha”, “Sign me up amigo!” I typed “I’m in, but this couldn’t have waited til noon?” and made myself some coffee.

Our guy’s getaway is a yearly tradition, going back to college days when we thought we were the kings of spring break with our tequila slammers. Now we’re a little older, a little wiser (just a little) and our male bonding vacations are definitely a step up from our days in the bargain hostels. Now it’s less about shots of tequila and more about lining up our shots on the green. Oh we haven’t given up tequila, but now we are sophisticated grown men, real men sip tequila… with sangrita of course.

Finest Resort in Cancun

With our spring break days behind us our tastes in accommodations have grown a little more sophisticated as well. The group text was on fire with requests from the guys, “Gotta be all inclusive, big boy gotta eat”, “NO kids, need a break from rugrats!”, “Golf course better be on the beach” and “Can we get massages?” 

After a lot of research (and a few text arguments), we nailed it down to Finest Playa Mujeres in Cancun. It covered all our bases and checked all our boxes so we booked a couple of Excellence Club Suites in the adults only section and started packing for paradise. 

Playa Mujeres Golf

We arrived in Cancun in the afternoon, checked in to our Finest Suites and booked a tee time for the next day on the Playa Mujeres golf course. That first night we ate like kings, feasting on meat and drinking whisky like men at the Brass Steakhouse. With bellies full and feeling tired after a day of travel, we hit the sack early, ready to hit the links in the morning.

We woke up to blazing sun, devoured a giant breakfast and headed for the first tee ready for a day of Cancun golf. These first 18 holes were a challenge, water hazards, sand traps, sunshine in our eyes and palm trees in our way, we golfed terribly but man did we have fun. Roger even got himself a new nickname “Captain Hook” for his repeated hook shots into crocodile land. 

The rest of the trip just got better and better. Our game improved, we got some beach time in, a little kayaking, a few siestas and yes, we even got our manly massages at the spa. The food was awesome, the drinks were flowing and we decided that being an adult wasn’t so bad. We cemented our bond as lifelong friends and agreed to return to Playa Mujeres for our next annual trip. Cheers and salud mis amigos, thanks for being the best buddies a guy could ask for, see you at Finest!