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Four Tips for Making the Most of a Walking Holiday

As two girls who had never done any hiking before, we didn’t know what to expect when Walk2Walk Holidays offered to send us on a three day walking holiday through the Tramuntana Mountains, Majorca. The adventure is one we will never forget – taking us completely out of our comfort zone into experiences we wouldn’t have had if we were just lounging by a pool.

Lorna and Paige on their walking holiday

Lorna and Paige on their walking holiday


Here are our four tips to make the most of your walking holiday.

#1 Come prepared

A lot of our preparation was guesswork, since we’d never been hiking before. Luckily Walk2Walk Holidays were happy to give us advice, and Blacks Outdoor Clothing had provided us with walking gear, including boots and rucksacks. We were glad that we’d taken the advice to wear in our boots first, because walking for over four hours each day in fresh boots would have been painful! We also packed mini first aid kits, sunhats and plenty of sun cream, so we could look after ourselves in the Majorca sunshine. Up in the mountains there weren’t many opportunities to stock up on food and drink, so our daysacks contained water, fruit, energy and cereal bars, sandwiches and a sneaky supply of sweets for rewarding ourselves and getting a much needed sugar boost!

#2 Put the camera down


The route that we followed through the mountains was a varied one – a gorgeous mixture of coastline, forest paths, and sleepy mountain villages. It was so important that we stopped and soaked in our surroundings – rather than just snapping a picture and moving on. We wanted to enjoy the experience rather than rush through. One particular beauty spot was the Bay of Deia, a stunning shingle beach where the crystal clear waters lapped over the rocks. There was no-one else there, and we took some time to just sit and take in the view. Yes, we took some selfies and landscape shots to show off when we got home, but memories are the most important thing to take away from an adventure.

#3 Stray from the path

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One brilliant experience, for us, came from our second day in the mountains. Partway through our long walk, we came to a gate at the side of the shadowy, rocky path. This is where a lovely elderly lady invited us in to her home, where she offered us and another group of hikers some freshly squeezed orange juice. We even got to have a nosey round the house which turned out to be an old oil mill! It was a real treasure trove of vintage photos filling the walls and antique furniture and ornaments. It was a lovely chance to see part of a real local building and meet other travellers. Just make sure you stay safe while exploring.

Paige on day one of the walking holiday

Paige on day one of the walking holiday


#4 Keep going       

Lorna at the Bay of Deia on a walking holiday

Lorna at the Bay of Deia


As complete beginners, it’s fair to say we underestimated how much of a challenge the holiday would be. The walks were tiring, and we weren’t used to the ascents and descents. We both stumbled more than once. However, we kept each other going and together we kept on track. The sense of achievement we had when we finished the trip was massive, and made the harder parts of the holiday worthwhile. The sunshine and fresh air did wonders for us, and the exercise was brilliant! The walking holiday pushed us out of our comfort zone, but we kept going, and it turned out to be one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done.

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The Girls Go Walking would like to thank Walk2Walk Holidays for sending us on their ‘Mountains of Majorca’ tour.

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