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Free Zelman Meats Lunch! | UberEATS London Review + Promo Code

No such thing as a free lunch? Definitely not in London. Until UberEATS came around!

That’s right. I had a free lunch. In London. And it wasn’t a some tiny portion or poor quality either.

It was a burger from Zelman Meats in Soho worth £9.


Totes free.

It was delicious. I love brisket sandwiches and burgers like Bunsmiths (review) and American Red Dog Sandwiches (review). And it was delivered to my office.

Use eats-timothyc4380ue for your free £10 UberEATS London promo code!

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I of course ordered more cause I’m a greedy so and so and well, I was getting a free lunch and had a spare pound to spend from by code.

So I got the black truffle fries with Parmesan cheese (£8) from Zelman Meats too. The triple cooked fries were great, but I wasn’t amazed by the black truffle like I thought I would be. And there wasn’t a whole lot of parmesan cheese either. But I’ll give Zelman Meats the benefit of the doubt as it was a delivery. I did receive another small bag of chips too so it was a really decent portion.


The app is pretty good too.

UberEATS has a decent selection including Patty and Bun, Chilango and Hummus Bros to name a few. I think being able to sort the restaurants would make it easier and provide a better user experience.

And you can watch and track your delivery as it makes its way to you. Which is weirdly exciting. And wastes even more time at your desk (sure it’s coming out of your lunch break, we believe you).

And a little hack I learned from someone else in the office. If your UberEATS takes longer than 30 minutes, they’ll give you £20 free! The trick is to order from somewhere far away at a busy time.

And you’re advised not to tip the delivery person.

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