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How to Save Travel Funds

Summer is fast approaching and you’ve bought some new luggage to use when you travel. That’s the easy part done – now to think about how to fund your travel dreams. Whether you are planning a short vacation or a longer travel adventure, money is going to be top of your must have list. What can you do to fund your travel and make your money stretch further?


Paying for your trip

The average 4 night domestic trip costs over $500 and a 12 day international vacation comes in at $3,215 – so your vacation may be the most expensive thing you buy this year. There are two options available when it comes to raising funds for your vacation. You could opt to pay using a credit card or a personal loan. The benefit of this is that you can take your vacation at short notice and pay it off over the rest of the year.

The alternative is to put away a little money each week from your budget to save before booking a trip meaning you can only book the trip when you have enough saved up to cover the cost. Whichever option you chose, why not set yourself a challenge of spending less on your vacation?

If you plan your trip online, there are multiple ways to save money when booking your vacation. Timing is everything – if you plan ahead you could save money on flights for your trip depending on when you book. August 23 is known as cheap flight day, so if you can depart then you could save money.

Travel alternatives

When many people think of a vacation the image they conjure could be of a relaxing break in an all inclusive hotel resort. Have you thought of self catering accommodation or even camping for part of your trip? You could even plan to work on your vacation – imagine getting to travel internationally with free accommodation in exchange for looking after a pet.

No money is exchanged, you agree to take care of a cat or dog and get to stay in the owners home for free. For an animal lover, this is a great way for you to see the world hardly spending any money on accommodation. You can also research your destination and find many free attractions to visit. When planning where to eat, find where the locals visit for an authentic travel experience.

Funding your vacation can be a headache – but with a little creativity and planning, you can plan and fund a dream vacation at a fraction of the cost of a package vacation deal.

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