Gaylord Restaurant Review | Gourmet Indian Food

I’ve never skipped dessert. Never.

My sweet tooth just won’t allow it. Yet, here I was staring into space, allowing the gentle warmth of the food coma to wash over me. Okay maybe just a little bit then, it would be rude not to.

I never skip dessert. Never.

Gaylord and Zomato brought together a bunch of London foodie bloggers to taste their new menu. Now you can see why I was in a food coma… 20+ dishes in one evening!

You might need a cup of tea to read the whole of the Gaylord menu!

Gaylord have been honing their craft since 1966 and is considered to be one of the oldest and first Indian restaurants in London. Voted in the top five Indian restaurants in the UK, expectations of Gaylord were high (even if this was to be my first traditional Indian cuisine experience).

There are too many dishes (27 to be exact(seemed like a hundred at the time)) to go through individually in detail like I normally do, so I’ll highlight some of my absolute favourites and dishes I recommend ordering.

The first of many dishes was the incredibly cute Mini Bhel Puri Cone.

Mini Bhel Puri Cone

Possibly the biggest prawn I’ve ever been served, the Tandoori Tiger Prawn was beautiful flavoured with just enough spices without being too hot and cooked perfectly so it was soft but not rubbery.

Tandoori Tiger Prawn

Scallops are tricky to cook I’ve found. A just a couple of seconds either way and they are undercooked or overcooked, but Gaylord got it right. The scallops were also served in the biggest shell I’ve ever seen – where are Gaylord fishing?!

Andhra Scallops

More cute food was served in the form of crab cakes! On first glance I was expecting it to be a rib so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it. And that’s not a bone by the way. It’s sugarcane (I asked just to double check I could actually eat it).

Crab Cakes Dakshini

I’m really enjoying my journey into the variety of mocktails on offer. Being a non-alcoholic, I’m finally steering away from ordering Coke all of the time. Some mocktails can be hit or miss due to being too sweet, but I can recommend the Coconut Colada, a refreshing mixture of pineapple juice, pina colada mix, lime juice and coconut cream.

Coconut colada

Having been brought up on plain white rice since I was wee, I’m delighted to find there are fragrant rice available like the Zaafran Basmalti.

Zaafran Basmalti

I first came across Gajar Halwa at an Indian wedding last year and loved it. Unfortunately I was too full this time round to have a proper bowl, but I did have a taste. Full marks for presentation too.

Gajar Halwa

Speaking of presentation, the Gulab Jamun was flambeed, on our table in front of us!

Gulab Jamun Flambeed with Spiced Dark Rum

Here are some more photos of dishes for sore eyes.

It wasn’t just the food that brought a smile to my face. Food isn’t just about how it tastes. The presentation added so much to the dining experience.

Whether it was served in a cone or little wooden boats, on sugar cane sticks or accompanied by edible flowers, it made the food that little bit more interesting. Even the tacos arrived in style in their own purple car!


It was a fantastic night where I dined with some other foodie bloggers. Check out Secret Scoffer and Scrummy Suppers & Quirky Cakes!

Located in Central London at 81 Mortimer Street near Oxford Street!

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