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Get Quick Rich Scheme – #1 Way To Make Money As A Street Performer in London

Who’s your favourite street performer in London?

Scratch that. Is there a tolerable street performer in London? Okay, I’m generalising massively here and that’s unfair. Not all street performers sit on their ass in the various guises of the levitation trick at Covent Garden or dress up as Charlie Chaplin on mass and continually harass you down the street (seriously it’s disturbing seeing a group of Charlie Chaplins sit around smoking). Check out this post on the 23 London street performers that need to stop performing.

But there are a handful of talented performers adding colour and sound to the streets and Underground of London. There’s a well dressed gentleman signing love songs, the beatboxer working outside Niketown on Oxford Street and deafening shoppers and tourists and a magician with great showmanship who sometimes appears in front of the National Gallery (apologies I don’t know anyone’s name for a plug). Skip ahead to 2.40 on the video below for a beatbox remix of Seven Nation’s Army by The White Stripes.

I’ve always wondered, can you make decent money from busking and the like? I think I found someone who could probably do better than make a little pocket change and even make a living from being a street performer in London.

The idea? Dress up as a giant panda, head down to Chinatown and count yo’ monies.


Panda in Chinatown

How would you get rich quick as a street performer in London? Tell me in the comments section below!

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