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Jennifer – A Girl and Her Travel Bug

We love our photographers here at Elite Travel Blog, so I’m excited to have Jennifer from A Girl and Her Travel Bug tell us about her travels and show us her favourite photo! Travelling around her home country of the US in her Volkswagen Beetle, read on to find out where her favourite places are!
Why do you love travel?
Travel has opened my eyes to new experiences and cultures.  When you stay in one place, you miss so much of what this world has to offer.  I think travel has really helped me learn not only about new people and places, but even more about myself.

What destination is top of your bucket list?
Unfortunately I have been limited to U.S. travel so far.  However, Iceland and France are two places I would love to see at some point.  Although –everywhere is on my list!

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?
I lived in Hawaii for a year while in middle school and that was an amazing experience.  I’d love to go back and experience the islands again.  I also have a huge crush on California.  There is nothing quite like a drive up the scenic west coast.

What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?
Last year I went on my 2nd trip to the California coast.  While at the Big Sur Bakery & Cafe, a random stop my friend suggested we take, I ended up in the background of a GQ photo shoot that featured actor Peter Facinelli.  As a photographer myself, I was really interested in talking with the gentleman taking the photos.  It turned out that he is a well known celebrity photographer.  He was kind enough to sit down with me for a while and gave me some great advice.  After that trip, I came home and completely changed how I looked at my own photography and even revamped my website.  I’m not sure any other trip could compare to my experience that day.  It was also the first time I saw the beautiful Bixby Bridge.

What is your favourite photo from your travels?
My favorite photo was actually from a local trip here in Maryland.  I went to Havre de Grace on 4th of July weekend, an area in MD that I had never been.  They were planning fireworks right over the water that night, so I went prepared with my camera.  The fireworks show was excellent and I was more than happy with the photos I snapped from that night!
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