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Why You Should Go Whale Watching in Sydney during the Winters

Australia is already renowned for its Opera House, the outback and the scenic beaches it possesses. Sydney stands out, not only just for the amazing night life, the monuments and more, interestingly; the coastal waters around Sydney are also considered to be one of the best places for whale watching, particularly during the winter time.

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Photo by laurence_grayson

With over a total of 38 different land based vantage points, you can easily watch these majestic creatures without worrying about the weather or water conditions. Some whale pods have even been seen in the busy waters of the Sydney Harbour.

The Weather’s Perfect

In Sydney, whale watching during the winters is perfect since it falls in the middle of the migratory season. During this time, it is possible to spot whales at different times of the day. Winters are usually mild due to the temperate weather conditions of Sydney that also make whale watching enjoyable. Clarity is also crisp although you can expect some foggy days and even rain when out on the sea. However, for many people, this just adds to the experience and makes whale watching all the more exhilarating and thrilling for them.

Amazing Cruises Available

Winter is peak migratory season and you’re going to find plenty of whale watching cruises available so you’re not going to miss out. If you’re looking to really get your money’s worth, sign up for a whale watching cruise with Oz Whale Watching. Conducted by a knowledgeable team of individuals, they not only offer a free cruise if whales aren’t sighted, they also provide refreshments, such as a BBQ buffet for lunch or a piping hot breakfast. Nothing could be more perfect than dining with the whales.

Plenty of Whale Sightings around Sydney

The best part about whale watching in Sydney is the fact that a lot of whales have to pass through the water on their annual migratory route. This can easily last from April to December. While humpback whales and baleen whales are common sights, it is also possible to spot pods of Bryde’s whales, mink whales, orcas, false killer whales, and even pilot whales. Further away from the coast, it is also possible to spot sperm whales that enjoy the deeper waters near the continental shelf. Apart from these whales, you can also spot playful dolphin pods migrating as well.

New Found Respect for Nature

Despite their size and stature, whales are extremely vulnerable. While the humpback whale is slowly growing in numbers, it is still endangered, along with others like the sperm whale, sei whale, blue whale and more. Their reliance on the ocean leaves them vulnerable and we’re not really helping the situation either with our fishing practices and pollution which causes them harm. With numbers dwindling at an alarming rate and little being done to rectify the damage, whales are particularly prone to threats. With a whale watching cruise, you can understand just how beautiful these majestic creatures are and why they’re worth saving.

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