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What is Gorilla Trekking: Is It Worth It?

Africa: the continent of colour, diversity, beauty, life and adventure.

It’s a special place which cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world and even if you tried, it would come out on tops, every time.

It’s interesting, breathtakingly beautiful and offers visitors experiences like no other. People come from all over the world to visit Africa and experience its uniqueness, which can be found in its unrivalled beauty, it’s fascinating people and its awe-inspiring wildlife.

The fascinating finds leave even the locals in awe of the place they call home.

If someone had to ask me what I love most about Africa, it would be the fact that it makes one feel deeply present. Because it’s a continent that is fairly untouched and ‘pure’, in the sense that most areas have been left unaltered by man and are not built up, it allows one to see the authentic works of nature.

The stillness, the innocence, the purity and the power of nature and all living things becomes apparent and awakens you on every level. For the first time in a while, or perhaps, ever, one is able to feel, see, hear and smell nature in its purest form and genuinely appreciate all that it is.

When we’re going about our day and living our lives amongst the noise and city hum, we are completely unaware of the incredible forces and feels of nature, however, we only realise this when we’ve been fortunate enough to visit a place that is deeply immersed in peace, beauty and freedom.

Africa is a continent so different from anywhere else in the world, and whatever one decides to do, see or experience, they are sure to be moved – spiritually and mentally.

With impressive phenomenon’s such as the great mammal migration, Africa gives visitors a front row seat to the incredible displays of mother nature herself, and that is why it’s a cut above the rest.

Africa continuously surprises me. Just when I thought I’ve discovered all its greatest and grandest hidden gems, another one is added to the list, which leaves me amazed and quite frankly, in awe of its existence. How can one continent be so richly blessed in incredible sights, species and rare phenomenon’s? I ask myself that question regularly, especially when I stumble across yet another one of its fascinating features.

One feature that has profoundly stood out to me, which I’ve singled out as perhaps being the most soul-stirring adventure, is the Gorilla Trek through North Africa. It’s an experience that sits right up there on my travel bucket list – as it does for many others too – especially those who yearn to get closer to some of the world’s most captivating creatures.

Can you imagine embarking on a journey that takes you through the African jungle – on foot, and rewards you with an up-close encounter with the rarest and largest living primates on earth? I can’t think of anything more moving.

There are only 790 wild mountain gorillas left in the world, and they are only found in Africa, in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. In Rwanda and Uganda, only, travelers are offered an experience of a lifetime as they’re able to visit the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

Visitors are able to get as close as 2m to the overwhelming sized silverback gorillas and there’s been many stories of these gentle giants coming closer to their human counterparts (on their terms, of course), enough to give them a hug, or stroke their hair.

The fact that they are rare and incredibly endangered makes this trek an adventure not to be missed. There’s so much to learn from gorillas and they surprisingly share many characteristics with us, humans. Other than the fact that they’re charismatic, beautiful and gentle, they are also very caring and protect their family unit. They never stray from each other, and they show affection like humans would, to their loved ones.

They hug, stroke, tickle and play with one another and witnessing this from a wild animal, is a touching sight. When they get angry, however, they drum on their chests with their clenched fists and they loudly grunt and roar, shaking up the entire forest. It’s a sight to be reckoned with, and you’re sure to see it if you threaten them!

Only in Africa, would an adventure so pure and authentic, be possible. That’s what is so precious about the continent – the wildlife roam free and visitors are able to witness their natural movements and ways of living, in the exact locations they call home.

It’s like stepping into a National Geographic film except you are able to experience the wonders for yourself, in the flesh.

If you are ever able to visit this captivating corner of the globe, do some thorough research, because you are sure to be pleasantly surprised at the amount of incredible tours and adventures that await you. In fact, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

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