Bacon Jam Might Be My New Favourite Thing: Burger Bear Review

Have I come to the end of my best burger in London quest at Burger Bear?

Bacon jam.

Two of the sweetest words in the English language. As separate entities, tasty in their own right. Push them together and you form a new kind of deliciousness.

Sorry, a jam, for bacon? What is this foolishness you speak of sir!

Much like Shakira’s hips, this is no lie. Burger Bear have developed a jam coating for their bacon. ‘12 crazy ingredients‘ go into the making of the bacon jam. No you’re wrong Colonel Saunders.

The bacon jam gives the bacon a beef jerky like texture unlike the usual thin and crispy bacon in other burgers. I feel slightly carnivorous, like a bear you could say (touche Burger Bear, I see what you did there) as I tear, pull and gnaw at the bacon with my front teeth. Hear me rawr!

The flavour is both sweet and sticky. It’s bacon like you’ve never known it before.

But I digress. I’m shining the spotlight way too much on just one characteristic that makes the Greedy Burger one of the best burgers in London.

The £13 price tag may make you suck air through your teeth like a garage mechanic, but if you love burgers, you won’t be able to escape the the bear claw like grip the Greedy Burger has on its victims. Let it. Welcome it with open arms. Squeeze back a little even.

Like a volcano overflowing with lava after erupting, the Greedy Burger oozes with pure unadulterated burger juices. I thought Brgr.Co wouldn’t be challenged for the juiciest burger in London title, but it’s a pretty close race.

I search, survey and ponder my options for a clean and easy way to pick up this small mountain which consists of two beef burgers, two melted cheese slices, lettuce, onion, mustard and ketchup. And those all important bacon jam strips. But I give up and dive in.

It’s not until you actually pick up the Greedy Burger that you realise the enormity of it. A two handed job makes it impossible to take a photo.

So big in fact, it was three times the size of my mouth. I nibbled at the sides of the huge beef burgers, merely making a dent. I felt like that scene in Honey I Shrunk The Kids where they eat the Oreo in the garden. Even the thick, dense bun managed to seem meaty (as meaty as bread can be of course).

Mix all of these together in a petri dish, add sugar, spice and everything nice. And what do you get?

The Powerpuff Girls!

Uh. I mean the Greedy Burger of course…

It’s the equivalent of a bunch of talented musicians banding together to create a supergroup. Or when several superheroes tackle evil together like The Avengers. Or (and if you haven’t got any of my weird analogies yet you still with this one) when the Power Rangers join forces and become that big robot machine thingy and kick ass. It’s morphin’ time!

There is a ‘lite’ version of the Greedy Burger, the Grizzly Burger, which still offers bacon jam but without the daunting man mountain at a more modest £10. Here is the rest of the Burger Bear menu.

I visited Burger Bear HQ at the Magic Roundabout, above Old Street Underground station. The Magic Roundabout is the result of a Kickstarter campaign. There’s also a couple bars and it’s a pretty unique place place to spend an evening. Burger Bear Tom is known to provide tunes as resident DJ.

You can’t access the Magic Roundabout from street level (I foolishly tried). Instead head towards the shops in Old Street underground station and you will see signs and an opening that lead to a stairway.

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Food reviewers be warned, you may (almost certainly) end up with burger juices all over your phone if you try to take notes for your review mid eat like I did. Do not keep picking up the Greedy Burger and putting it down like I did! Enjoy first, write after!

Their Magic Roundabout location has closed now, but you can find Burger Bear at the Old Nun in Nunhead, South London!


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