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A Guide to Job Hunting During Your Holidays

Looking for a job? A career change perhaps? You might as well think about the holidays as a potential job hunting season for you.

While everybody else is partying, why don’t you make a jumpstart in your job search?

The common belief is that during the holidays, employers likewise put everything on hold.

Instead, recruiters are always busy looking for ideal candidates to hire. So, take advantage of the opportunity. You don’t even need to go outside!

Just grab your laptop and search online. Technology sure makes it easy nowadays. So, don’t stop just because it’s the holiday season again.

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How do you do it?

  • Update your resume – A resume sells your skills so add any and all new trainings you’ve undergone. Better yet, try to get a new skill. Take classes, online courses, or be part of professional group that can help improve and upgrade your knowledge. You may wish to use a professional resume writing service to help you with updating your resume, for example, resume writing in texas. This could greatly enhance your chances in the market.
  • Talk with other people – Let people know that you are looking for a job. Sometimes, even the most unexpected people can help you when least expected. Go out there, attend events and advertise yourself. Have a business card handy, too.
  • Schedule your activities – Set goals for your job-hunting plans daily or as often as you possibly can. This is to keep you focused and not be carried away with all the buzz of the holiday season.
  • Mindset – Organize your thoughts. Pay attention to your goals and don’t lose your way. Do not give in to the unpleasant feeling of being currently unemployed. Just keep going.

Go Online
In today’s World, you must be connected if you want to be competitive. Here are a few things you need to do online.

  • Be visible – Make a LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one. Update your status and contacts. Talk with other professionals and seek for advice. Build relationships. Employers often look for professionals through this site so don’t miss the chance of getting selected. See this useful resource from Increditools which lists the best automation tools and bots for Linkedin, which both employers and potential employees can use to help improve their reach and engagement on this platform.
  • Network yourself – Another online opportunity would be activating a profile on a job-search site like Jobrapido, which can provide you with constant postings of job openings in London, Birmingham, Manchester or in pretty much any other city or town that may interest you. This site also lets you filter your search results by company/employer and by industry.
  • Do your research – Understand the demands of the job you like to do. Know about the company’s background, history, developments, customers and services. You might just need this information during your interview so be ready. A little knowledge always helps.

Why during Holidays?
You probably want this question answered. Then, be informed of the following observations.

  • Lesser competition – Many people are dropping out of the race and taking a break during the holidays. So, this is actually an opportunity to get ahead of them. Be one of only a few applicants!
  • Employers want to fill in job openings – Companies want to fill available positions before the year ends to keep them operating as soon as January comes, and to, in a way, have their minds at ease. They are desperate to patch everything up ready for next year. Needless to say, they are still hiring even on holidays! So, send them an application and have a greater chance of getting that job when the new year comes.
  • Holiday events are potential venues for job seekers – Take advantage of the holiday mood, meet new people or re-ignite old relationships during the festivities. One or two of your acquaintances might just know of an opening somewhere. Drop a hint that you’re looking and you never know what the holiday season has for you!

A job seeker faces many challenges so consider your circumstances and plan your steps well. If you want that job badly, don’t stop trying to get it.

Don’t even stop on a holiday because maybe you’ll land an even better job than what you originally aimed for. Good luck!

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