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5 Best Adrenaline & Sports Activities & Experiences in Queensland

Queensland is everyone’s idea of adrenaline activities and sports.

It doesn’t matter where you look – there’s always something exciting to do in Queensland! What’s your favorite thrilling pastime? Skydiving? Race car driving? Water sports? Queensland has it all and more.

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Jungle Surfing

Cairns has a delightful treat stored up in the trees for you. Pretend you’re Tarzan and fly on the Minjin Jungle Swing through the Cairns rainforest. If you have a partner to soar with, all the better.

When you’re at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, give the Green Challenge Zipline Canopy Tour a try. If the Cairns jungle swing gave you a taste, Currumbin’s rainforest and eucalyptus canopy will truly turn you into Tarzan himself!

Daintree Forest Jungle Surfing
Daintree Forest Jungle Surfing (Photo credit: jtriefen)

If you’re still not sated, do try the daring jungle surfing adventure in Cape Tribulation’s Daintree Rainforest. A system of cables and platforms make it possible for you to fly through the trees, touching the treetops as you. Glance down now and then and dare yourself to reach for the next platform.

Experts will guide you to your next step but soon you’ll get the hang of it and will be flying with the best of them! Flitting through the treetops gives such a high, especially when you look down at the hard jungle floor!

Skydiving! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you jump off your plane at 14,000 feet over Cairns, your heart may be trapped inside your throat. But just relax – when you experience that magnificent free-fall for 60 whole seconds, you’ll understand.

The glory of the Great Barrier Reef, the blue Coral Sea and the rainforest will be spread out before you. Imagine all the colors you’ll see through a bird’s eye view!

Jet Boat Thrill

Jet boating on the mighty Tully River is a not-to-miss adventure. Sit at the front of the boat if you want to experience the full power of its 450HP engines throbbing under you. Watch the white water spray as it whizzes high on both sides, while your jet boat performs daring hairpin turns and sudden power breaks on the river.


Abseiling (Photo credit: 13Moya 十三磨牙)

Southeast Queensland has many gorges, steep cliff faces and rugged, climb-worthy rocks for adrenaline junkies. Rivers rush blindly through steep-sided gorges and many abysses gape at you while you abseil here. Abseiling in such conditions is not for the faint of heart. You have to be a very daring spirit to climb these deadly cliffs, rocks and gorges and face your nemesis backwards.

White Water Rafting

White-water rafters, challenge yourself on Queensland’s grand Tully River, with its challenging Grade 3 rapids. Experience amazing Gs as you take your white-water raft zipping through hair-bends, rocky crossings, deadly currents, curves and sudden waterfalls.

There are enough high grade rapids on this river to keep you sweating away, but don’t miss watching the amazing scenery as it passes by. When you take a break from white-water rafting, do some raft surfing, rock jumping and rapid swimming.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayakers, head out to the ocean in your tiny two-person or one-person kayak and face the elements. Challenge yourself to stay afloat and alive in the middle of the inclement oceanic currents, eddies and heavy winds. Sea kayak all the way around Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands and make a trip out of it.

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