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Gus & Bella Box Review: The Best Cat Box Subscription?

Our cat Nacho might be the fussiest cat in the history of cats.

He’s a ten year old tabby we rescued a year ago.

Gus & Bella food and treats

Despite the fact he was homeless, he will only eat certain cat food. He adores Hi-Life cat food (no Whiskers or Felix for him, no no).

We’ve subscribed to Gus & Bella boxes for six months now and it’s been worth every penny.

Every month Gus & Bella send box with different treats and toys which has meant we can test products out on Prince Nacho without buying a big box of them. We actually received a pouch of Hi-Life in our box.

Gus & Bella also include discount codes so can get more of what you love for less.

The treats are always super high quality, perfect for Nacho’s picky pallette.

Gus & Bella toys

Not only is Nacho fussy about food, but he’s very particular about his toys.

We’ve wasted so much money on toys he’s never even shown a remote interest in. Like the cat tree (which has become a plant stand) or the circular playground with balls and cat nip.

But more often than not, Gus & Bella choose a toy even Nacho loves.

Like this cat nip filled rainbow, one of the first toys we received which Nacho still loves licking and lying on top of. Same goes for this Harry Potter cat nip toy too.

There’s also this Halloween themed kicker too (we’re going to get him a bigger kicker based on his love for this small one).

And most recently this red mouse with extra long tail. So far, it’s one of a few toys which has got his jumping around like a kitten!

More Gus & Bella products

It’s not just cats who benefit from the boxes either. Owners get a couple of cat related products too.

Gus & Bella ask the age of your cat so products are tailored. And owners are asked about dietary requirements and shoe size too so boxes are pretty personalised.

I highly recommend subscribing to Gus & Bella cat boxes!

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