5 Reasons To Eat At… Hardcore Lobster & More | Review

Lobster and more? Now you’re just spoiling us.

Here is my review and five reasons to eat at Hardcore Lobster & More.

Hardcore burger

You’ll find all your favourite varieties of burgers at Hardcore Lobster & More including pulled pork, chicken and bacon.

But reading this on the burger menu made me raise my eyebrows.

Are you challenging me?!

This is what Burger and Lobster should have been.

Lobster in a burger.

The Hardcore burger is the most expensive burger on the menu at £13.95 (it’s also one of the most expensive burgers I’ve had in London along with Burger Bear). Expectations were high.

It did not disappoint.

Lobster in a burger is the way to go. So too is a thick toasted bottom bun, so there’s no chance of crumbling from burger juice. The roughly shaped patty created sporadic crispy edges which I loved.

And for starters I had pulled pork cigars. It was similar to a spring pancake roll casing and inside was the stringy pulled pork. They do well not to dry the pulled pork out when deep frying it. But there was also a side of tomato ketchup served with it just in case.


Choose your cheese

Not only do they have a good selection of burgers, they let you choose your cheese (cheddar, monterey jack or stilton).

More restaurants should let you choose your cheese.

And if you can’t choose one, extra cheese is £1.50.

Hardcore milkshakes

If you’ve read the blog before, you’ll know I love milkshakes in London. At Hardcore Lobster & More you can choose between Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and mint chocolate chip. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and haven’t seen it’s milkshake sibling on a London menu yet so naturally my mind was made up.


The milkshake arrived in a huge cup. It’s exactly like the ice cream but blended. And the chocolate chips were small enough that they could be sucked through the straw and not get clogged up (my milkshake pet peeve).


As the name suggests, the menu consists of more than lobster. You’ll find a variety of seafood dishes like fish, prawns, crab, lamb shank, sirloin steak, roast chicken and even a delicious sounding surf and turf…

Fresh Canadian lobsters

That’s right. The lobster on your plate made the journey from the cold waters of Canada. Overnight.

What did you have at Hardcore Lobster & More? What rating would you give them?


Hardcore Lobster & More is just a five minute walk from Victoria station too.

52 Wilton Road,




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