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Helicopter Flight and Learn 5 Essential Tips About This Type of Tourism

Helicopter rides, although new, have become one of the most opted ways to travel to a new destination. And why not? 

People often opt for vacation for doing something new, fun, and entertaining. And while the excitement of visiting a new place in itself is a great one, the fun, and entertainment than making a day for a flight tour. The sensation of seeing places in an unusual and completely new way will be one you’ve never felt before. 

That said, here are things that you should know about helicopter flight and some essential tips about helicopter rides. 

What is a Helicopter flight tour? 

The first thing to know about helicopter flight tours is it is an entirely new way of visiting famous landmarks. The essence of sightseeing, i.e., watching the landscapes, instead of watching them like a regular tourist. 

Helicopter services have different operators — and all you have to do is choose the one — route, duration, places — that suits your interests or let them choose one for you. For instance, if you choose the Brisbane helicopter tour — the service will fly towards the east; on the way towards the coast, you will see Mt Gravatt, Brisbane’s skyline, Mt Cotton, and Victoria Point for 70 minutes. 

Yes, you could also catch a glimpse of Gold Coast, and to the north, the Glass House Mountains as a regular sightseer. But the feeling of helicopter flight is a different one, and you’ll appreciate yourself for opting for a panoramic view. 

Essential tips of helicopter flight tourism

Now that you know about helicopter flight tours, here are some essential tips about helicopter rides: 

  •  Decide the duration of your trip

All helicopter services have plans for different duration of flight hours. You can choose anywhere between 15 minutes to a full day. And while the time of the tour depends on personal preference. Some people enjoy the city lights than the afternoon glare that makes it perfect for the photos. On the other hand, if you are visiting a destination that is ideal to see during a specific time of the day — you can plan the trip accordingly. Of course, the price of the tour will differ according to the duration of the trip.  Plus — you can also fly to a partnered restaurant if you opt for the best helicopter services. 

  • How much cost a helicopter ride?

It depends. It depends on numerous factors like the number of people you’re traveling with. For instance, if you are traveling alone — the cost will be meager if you have no problem touring with someone else in the helicopter. But in case you want to travel all by yourself — you’ll have to pay the entire price set by the service. Most service providers use helicopters with four passenger seats, so as long as the group includes only four members, you will not have to opt for multiple flights. Also, note that — there are no restrictions or special fees for children. However, children under two years will have to sit in the lap of the carer.  

  • How Will You Get Around?

Most operators will pick you right from the hotel. But some might require you to get to the heliport. There you’ll be briefed about the safety protocols before bucking up and getting ready to take off. In case you want to take photographs, ensure to tell them as it requires you to wear a harness instead of the seat belt. 

  •  How long are helicopter flight tours? 

The duration depends on the itinerary chosen by you or the service providers. In case you have chosen to visit only a few places — the helicopter tour will be shorter. And if the route is a longer one — then the duration changes. But note that you cannot choose different destinations — and you’ll have to stick with a route — decided either by you or the service provider. 

  • Get Tourism Insurance

Almost all the service providers, or at least the best ones, regularly inspect their copters for safety. So, you do not have to worry about any mishap but having tourism insurance goes a long way. Most operators have options for these too — so ensure to take one for your family. 


There you go! That’s all you have to know about helicopter tours when visiting a new city. In case you are visiting pristine Australia — do not forget to contact Bekaa Air and arrange a ride for you. As mentioned, you can plan the adventure on your own or choose a planned route. All you have to do is visit the official site, and plan a schedule. And you’ll be in for an adventure of your lifetime. 

So, what is the wait for? Do not hesitate because the sunset of Brisbane is a sight to behold! 

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