Herman Ze German Review, Fitzrovia | Best Wurst Hot Dog In London

A plain hot dog just won’t cut it any more after you try Herman Ze German’s wurst.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has eaten at Herman Ze German because its a funny name.

Not to mention the bright orange decor of their restaurants grab your attention when walking along the street.

I’m talking about Herman Ze German, purveyors and educators of the German sausage to the London masses. Not to be confused with Herman Ze German who sang Take It As It Comes…

Or Herman the German friendship cake for that matter.

I’ve only ever had hot dogs plain. No need to make things complicated here. A zigzag of tomato sauce is all that’s needed. But Herman Ze German has thrown the rulebook out and made me rethink.

I was intrigued to be offered cheese, jalapenos and onions as toppings. And when they say ‘toppings’ they really mean a layer, which made the hot dog all the more interesting.

Somewhere beneath the thick layer of cheese and jalapeños lies a delicious bratwurst – you’ll have to trust me on this.

The melted cheese had begun solidifying into a rectangular block, shaped by the walls of the baguette which gave it a lovely thick texture when you bit in. Like eating a rectangular bit of cheese – cheese haters look away.

Watch out for those jalapenos! They may be small, but there are many. Like green minions. It left a tingly sensation around my lips and in my mouth long after the meal.

And of course a hot dog wouldn’t be a hot dog without a decent sausage. The bratwurst was thick and meaty (made from pork and veal), seasoned perfectly and would have been equally delicious without the toppings and eaten plain. Apparently the recipe comes from Switzerland and the wurst is one the Queen would choose – she has good taste. Herman Ze German’s wurst are also gluten free too.

Sehr gut and danke Herman (five years of German classes and that’s all I can say…).

The closest underground stations to Charlotte Street are Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road. You can also find Herman Ze German in Soho and Strand.


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