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Holiday Alternatives For People Who Hate The Beach

It is estimated that Britons took almost 72 million trips overseas in 2022 We are a nation of holidaymakers!

But the beauty of this country is our diversity. When most people say holiday, we immediately think of the beach. And why not? It is meant to be a picture of rest and relaxation.

However, the beach is not for everyone. They can be busy, they can feel claustrophobic, and hey…some people just don’t like the feel of sand in their toes and that’s fine!

But there are several different types of holiday you can take that suit your needs. It could be keeping active, exploring the history of a new town or city, maybe even acquiring a new skill.

Here are some alternatives to the beach for you to consider.

woman in water pool

Wellness holidays

In today’s busy world, it is increasingly important to take care our of mental health and a little rest and relaxation is good for the soul.

You might read this and think wellness is a bit of a buzzword, but really what’s wrong with wanting to treat ourselves?

A wellness holiday can include a relaxation at a spa and getting some luxurious treatments. It can also be about practising mindfulness and meditation.

Active holidays

For the thrill seekers out there, active holidays such as surfing or sailing might be to your taste as you can engage in a favourite pastime or even learn a new skill. 

Golf holidays are increasingly popular in destinations such as Portugal, while perhaps hiking up mountains is your idea of a good time.

For those who enjoy a more leisurely activity you might want to take advantage of a walking holiday in a destination like Italy, where you can go at your own pace and take in the beauty and surroundings of your destination on foot.

City breaks 

Whether it be with a group of friends, a romantic getaway, or solo travel, city breaks are hugely popular.

It might only be a short break, it could be something longer, but there is something magical about taking in a brand new city.

You can delve into the art and history, try some of the local food, check out the music scene, and if it tickles your fancy take in the nightlife.


For who those with more of a free spirit and a love of nature, then camping holidays are the one for you.

Is there a more different type of holiday to a beach than camping? You can hit the roads, be self-sufficient and take in the natural beauty of nature.

It’s all rather idyllic and lovely isn’t it?