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How to Find the Best Accommodation When Visiting Khao Yai, Thailand

When traveling, we all want to find the best accommodation that fits our needs and budget. Khao Yai is no exception to this rule; in fact, it has some of the best options for visitors. In this article, we’ll look at different types of accommodation available in Khao Yai and give you some tips on how to choose one that suits your needs and budget perfectly.

Things to consider when choosing a Khao Yai accommodation

When choosing a Khao Yai accommodation, you should consider:

  • Location. Where is the property located? Is it close to attractions, restaurants, and shops? How far is it from major cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai? Also, how long will it take to get there by car or train if needed?
  • Price. How much are you willing to pay for your stay at Khao Yai National Park Thailand? Are there cheaper options available that still meet all of your needs for comfort and safety during your visit to Thailand’s famous national park?
  • Amenities/Facilities offered by each accommodation facility in Khao Yai National Park such as swimming pools (if any), laundry services, etc…

Villas in Khao Yai

Villa accommodation is the best choice for couples and families. Villa accommodation can be rented for a day or a week, depending on your budget and length of stay. Villa accommodations are usually located in residential areas within Khao Yai National Park but not within park boundaries.

Hotels in Khao Yai

Hotels are the most common type of accommodation in Khao Yai. Hotels offer a wide range of facilities, including swimming pools, restaurants, and bars. They can be expensive but they do tend to be located in the center of town so it’s easy to get around on foot or by bike.

Resorts in Khao Yai

Khao Yai has a variety of accommodation types, from luxury resorts to budget guesthouses. Here are some things you should know about each type:

Resorts: Resorts usually have all the amenities you need for an enjoyable stay, including swimming pools and spas. You can also expect to find restaurants and bars on-site at most resorts.

Glamper Tents Khao Yai

Glamper accommodations are usually equipped with everything you need: air conditioning, heating, cooking facilities (including utensils), bedding/pillows/sheets, etc., storage space for clothes or luggage, etc., plus there’s usually some kind of toilet room too so that when nature calls during your trip there won’t be any problem!


If you’re looking for an authentic experience in the wild, then tents are a great option for you. Tents can be found in many different sizes, from 2-person to 10-person tents and everything in between. They are perfect for families or groups of friends who want to spend time together without being separated by walls or floors.

If you’re traveling with children, there are even special children’s tents available!

Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Khao Yai

If you’re planning on bringing your pet with you on your trip, you’ll need to find accommodation that welcomes them.

There are many different types of pet-friendly accommodations in Khao Yai. You can choose from hotels that allow only one or two pets per room, or resorts where there are separate sections for guests with pets. Some even offer dog walking services or complimentary meals for dogs!

When choosing a hotel or resort that allows pets, there are several things to consider: cost (some places charge extra fees), size restrictions on animals allowed in each room (smaller animals like cats may be limited), whether they provide amenities like bowls/food dishes, etc., whether they have an outdoor area where pets can run around safely without disturbing other guests…the list goes on!


If you’re planning on visiting Khao Yai National Park, there are many accommodation options available to suit your budget and needs. Whether you’re looking for a place with a pool or a pet-friendly hotel, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful area of Thailand.


If you’re looking for an enjoyable, relaxing vacation in Thailand, Khao Yai is a great place to visit. There are many different types of accommodation available in this area, so you must do your research before booking anything. We hope our guide has helped you decide what type of accommodation will suit your needs best!