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How to Get Yourself Company When Traveling Alone

Many people find it challenging to make a choice to travel on their own. Many of us just do not fathom traveling to a new place all by ourselves. Truth be told, many individuals have the impression that taking a trip without a companion is embarrassing. 

However, just because you are going on a trip solo does not mean you are antisocial or lonely. It could be because people in your life are busy with other more important things or you simply want to travel alone. Whatever the case, traveling alone makes things a lot more exciting and gives you all sorts of opportunities to get yourself company in your new travel destination.

Try an Unexpected Approach

When you want to find company while traveling, you can add an element of excitement to it by trying the unexpected. For instance, you can always try dating sites and hope to meet someone without a hassle.

Use Dating Sites to Find People in Your Destination Point

Using a dating platform is the best bet, mainly because these platforms are so advanced these days that they can help you meet someone who shares the same interests and is in your proximity. The best part is that you can find dating partners online and meet someone who would happily become your virtual guide through the city. 

Let a Person Know Your Personal Goals Beforehand

The fact that you can find all sorts of dating platforms facilitating all dating types, including one-night friend hookups means you are never far from excitement. But to make it work in your favor, you should be clear about your intentions. Be upfront about what type of dating you like. 

Whether you are searching for a friend to join you while exploring your new holiday destination or you want some crazy night fun with a hot lady, make it clear. With so many platforms catering to everyone’s needs, you are sure to meet someone special, no matter how stiff your preferences are.

Be Ready for Unexpected Romantic Feelings

When using dating sites while traveling, you need to learn how to draw boundaries. It is so common to meet someone for a one-night stand while traveling but end up developing romantic feelings for them. Be sure to talk with your “partner” online and be honest about what you want. 

Stick to Conventional Ways

Although online dating is slowly but surely becoming the mainstream, you can still try the conventional, tried-and-tested ways to get yourself company when traveling.

Group with Other Lone Tourists Online

Whether you use dating sites or take advantage of social media platforms, you can always connect with other lone travelers online before arranging a trip. 

Getting to know new people is a great way to broaden your horizons and make the most of your solo travel experiences. It could lead to unexpected opportunities.

Get to Know People on the Go

When traveling independently, you are going to meet new people every day, whether on a guided tour or just as you go about your day. Be proactive and use those opportunities to find a romantic partner.

Talk to other tourists you may run into at the grocery. Do not stand by yourself while on a tour; instead, strike up conversations with those around you.

Attend a Festival

Culinary, art, music, Oktoberfest, the options are so many when you are looking for a festival to attend. When people with common interests get together, friendships form quickly. 

Since most festivals stay for at least three days, it is a good idea to start making friends as soon as possible so you have a stable social unit to enjoy the festivities with. And if all goes well, you might make some new friends among the festival-goers who will join you on your journey.

Always Remember about Caution to Stay Safe

Although you may make many wonderful new friends along the way, remember that you are only responsible for your safety and well-being when traveling alone. The only person who has your back is you, so it is essential to follow some safe-travel tips.

Plan your transportation to and from your destination, and have a plan for getting back to your lodging once you have had a few. You should not get too comfortable just because you connect with some seemingly interesting and friendly people on your travels.

It is also a good idea to send a copy of your itinerary to your loved ones back home, detailing your travel plans (including hotel and flight schedules and any planned activities). Similarly, you should write down your quick-access emergency contacts. You can include your own contact details, those of a back-home emergency contact, and any other useful numbers on the list.


Traveling alone makes everything a lot more exciting because you can always expect the unexpected. Thankfully, there are ways to meet new people and even flirt with some while exploring a new destination. But keep in mind that only you can ensure your safety as a single traveler, so you should never put your trust in others or assume that they will keep you secure. 

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