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How to Go on a UTE Adventure and Actually Have Fun

Owning a UTE is a sure ticket to having a great adventure. Many people would spend days driving through the wilderness and enjoying the amazing sights, breathing fresh air, and learning new things. If you find this interesting, you’re ready for a UTE adventure.

Many people will not be thrilled about it because they prefer 5-star hotels and service from people who work to make them happy. However, no hotel will provide the amazing sights of nature and the show that wild animals do daily.

If you feel like outdoor adventures are your thing, you should prepare well, but how to do it and actually have fun, and not just drive around the country doing nothing? Keep reading and find out what you actually need to do to have some great time spent in nature.

white and black jeep wrangler on brown field during daytime

1. Install a toolbox that can store everything you need

All UTEs have an enormous rear tray where you can store different items, but the issue is the tray isn’t closed, so the items may fall off while driving. If you’re going off-road and want a true adventure, you need to take care of the things you’re carrying.

This is why it’s best to install a toolbox canopy or a top-opening toolbox in the back, depending on your needs and wishes. The different types of toolboxes will allow you to safely store everything you need inside and never worry if your driving affects them. Your items will be stored in the back and used when you arrive at your destination.

2. Add a fridge to keep things cool

You must have fresh water and food when traveling for more than a day. These two things will easily become useless if you don’t store them properly. Food will rot if you leave it in the open, and water is undrinkable unless it’s placed inside the fridge that keeps it cold.

There are many specialized fridges made for UTEs. These items are built perfectly to give you the proper adventure experience, yet always have what you need by just reaching your hand in them. With special lids and installation that makes the fridge tilt, you’ll easily reach inside the fridge and take what you need.

3. Think about sleeping over and the items needed for this

What’s an adventure in the wilderness without a campfire? Park at a designated place, and make a campfire. Put on some sausages and marshmallows and enjoy an evening talking, laughing, singing, and dancing. Go back to how things were when you were younger and went camping with friends.

After this, you need to spend the night. Think about where and how you’ll do it. Many will decide to set up a tent and sleep inside, while others will use the size of their vehicles and create a remote bedroom inside the toolbox canopy. Any way you think is best for you will be great if you feel comfortable.

4. Add some technology to your trip

We live in the 2020s, and everything’s digitized. Ensure that your smartphone has enough battery, there’s a place where you can charge it, and that there’s a strong enough Wi-Fi network in and around the vehicle. Everything revolves around the internet, and although you’re in nature where many things are more interesting than being online, you still need to be connected.

It’s wise to carry a power generator with you. It’s easy to get electricity when the vehicle is running, but there’s no need to have it on all the time, just to have your smartphone powered. A generator on the side will do this when you’ve set up camp.

5. Ensure there’s no chance something to go wrong with the vehicle

Before taking off, it’s wise to check your vehicle and see if there’s any chance it will malfunction when you’re on the road. If you’re not skilled enough, take it to the mechanics and tell them what you’re planning. Let them run a quick diagnostics and ensure your vehicle is in perfect condition.

Always have a spare tire in the back and some cans with gas in case you can’t find a gas station nearby. Have the essential tools required to change a tire or do some other things, and be sure you’re safe on the road.


These are some of the most critical things to mind when considering going out on the road and enjoying an off-road adventure. A powerful vehicle with enough storage space and enough items for a safe and comfortable trip is a must.

Before going anywhere, even if you have everything on the list installed perfectly, check the vehicle in a mechanics shop and make sure it is safe for driving in the great outdoors. Everything else is a matter of your imagination and creativity.