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How To Have An Excellent Beach Vacation In Thailand

Everyone deserves to have their dream vacation, and most people dream of their holidays going to beaches. Who doesn’t want a week at the beach, not worrying about anything else rather than enjoying the activities lined up in your itinerary? You’d have a difficult time finding anyone saying no to that.

If you’re one of those people who just can’t help but say yes to a beach vacation, Thailand will be your dreamland, as it has many beautiful and blissful beaches for you to relax and enjoy.

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In this article, we’ve compiled the different ways you can have your dream beach vacation in Thailand.

4 reasons why the beach is good for you

Did you notice that when you’re at the beach, it’s like you’re magically feeling good? Well, it’s not without reason, as being at the beach has many benefits for your mental health:

  • The blueness of the sea calms you down – Blue is a colour that calms people down, and sitting by the beach while staring at the blue sea can calm you down and let your mind have a rest from the things troubling you.
  • The sound of the sea – The sound of the sea’s ebb and flow can stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system that can allow your body to relax, chill out, and slow down.
  • Negative ions from the ocean breeze – The air out at sea has negative ions, which can calm and soothe you.
  • Sand in your feet – The first time you step foot on the beach and feel the sand between your feet, the beach can stimulate your senses, make you calmer, and allow you to feel good to benefit your mental and physical health.

Choosing the best seaside hotel for the holidays

The hotel you’re staying at can enhance your overall beach experience. Even if you find a fantastic beach, your vacation is going to be a little meh without a great seaside hotel.

  • Amenities – You’ll be tired from the activities during the day. When you’re ready to rest in your room, your hotel needs to have everything you need. First, make sure that your room is big enough for you and with all the facilities you need, such as TV, WiFi, coffee maker, a minibar, refrigerator, and many more.
  • Location – Your hotel needs to be in an area near enough to the beach, so you can come back and forth without hassles and so you can have the comfort of attending beach events without having to worry about how you can return to your hotel.
  • Food – Of course, a good vacation needs good food to be complete. Ensure that your hotel serves the food you eat and the local cuisine you would like to try out for a complete experience in their menu. You can also ask for customizable options for vegan and keto diets.
  • Staff – If the staff are rude and unfriendly according to reviews, don’t bother reserving a room. 
  • Reviews – Make sure to check online review sites to see other people’s experiences at the hotel. In this way, you can have a good idea of what to expect from a hotel. If you went to a hotel and you didn’t like how the staff treated you, make sure to leave a review for others, too.

Your hotel is key to having a full experience during your vacation, so make sure to find a great beachside hotel in Thailand.

Enjoy the vacation of your dreams at a great beachside hotel in Thailand

If you’re planning to go on a beach vacation in Thailand, Kudo Hotel is a place that will help you enjoy the most out of your hard-earned vacation. Being a beachside hotel, you always have the blue sea, palm trees, and the sand at your sights. If you’re lucky, you can get a room with a fantastic view from your window.

With 26 fully-furnished spacious rooms and a staff known for providing the needs of all our guests, you can feel at home in Thailand, no matter from which part of the world you’re from.

We also have many amenities and facilities at our hotel, such as a beach club that you can enjoy when you don’t feel like staying by the beach. We also have a fitness center and a clubhouse. If you have kids with you, we also have a kids club where you can let your children play and make new friends.

Of course, a vacation will never be great without a great dining experience, and that’s what we offer with our wide variety of Thai and international dishes. We also have a pool menu if you feel hungry while chilling by the pool.

If you’re looking for events to spice up your vacation, lucky enough, Kudo Hotel is a great event center in Patong beach. Beach parties, live music, pool parties, you name it, and we have it. We are also proud of our special Caribbean party every Saturday at the beach.

Tips to remember during your beach vacation

To be a responsible beach-goer for your enjoyment and for other people, here are some essential tips to remember:

  • Remember to clean after yourself and never leave a place dirty.
  • Keep everything you do safe.
  • Don’t bother the local wildlife.

A beach vacation is a memorable experience, especially when you’ve dreamt about it for a long time. To make sure you can turn your dream into a reality, book a great beachside hotel.

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