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How to Plan the Best Hens Party Boat Weekend in Brisbane

If you’re planning a hens party boat in Brisbane, why not consider a cruise on the Brisbane River? It’s a great way to spend time with your friends and have fun while getting some exercise. You and your group can sit back and enjoy the beautiful views while you relax or mingle with other passengers. The food is great (and plentiful) and there are usually plenty of activities that you can do on board or nearby. There are many different types of boats available for hire so it’s important to choose one that best suits your needs as well as budget constraints before booking!

The boat

Choosing the right boat is very important. It needs to be big enough for all of your guests, as there’s nothing worse than having a large group of people together on a smaller boat and not being able to move around freely. You can also check out their reputation online through reviews from previous guests and even Google them yourself if you want to make sure they’re legit. You may also want to look at their location and see if it’s convenient or not depending on where everyone lives. If someone has never been on a boat before, they might not be too keen on getting trapped in one for an entire weekend so try checking that out first!

You’ll also want some facilities on board such as bathrooms (or toilets), seating areas, kitchenettes, and dining halls so your guests can enjoy themselves without worrying about missing out on any activities while they’re at sea! There should also be plenty of options available when it comes time for food or drinks like barbecues provided by staff onboard which will allow everyone who joins us this weekend

The guests

With the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids on board, you’ll want to consider who else will be joining you.

Are the parents of both bride and groom invited? If so, how many? What about grandparents or other family members? Will all of them be able to make it? Or is there someone in particular that you’d like to see?

Have a think about which friends and family would love spending time on your boat during this special weekend. Maybe a close friend has also been through a recent divorce or breakup; they might appreciate an opportunity for some female bonding. Or perhaps someone’s been through something really sad recently; they could benefit from being surrounded by people who care about them at this time.

The theme

The theme is a key element of your hen’s party and will set the tone for the entire weekend. It should be fun, memorable, and something that all your guests can get behind.

Hens party themes can be based on movies or TV shows, books, famous people, or places – you have complete creative control over what you choose! Here are some examples of popular hen’s party themes:

  • Wizard Of Oz – This classic movie has been turned into a popular theme for many hen parties in Brisbane. The girls can dress up as their favorite characters from Dorothy to The Wicked Witch Of The West and they’ll also love learning how to make their ruby slippers with glittery paint! If there’s enough time at the end of the night then try hosting an indoor picnic dinner – it makes for great photos too!
  • Game Of Thrones – With so many fanatical followers around Australia (including us!) Game Of Thrones makes for an awesome Hens Party Theme idea! Find out who else wants in on this action by holding separate game nights so that everyone gets involved regardless of which team they’re supporting. You could also organize a fun trivia game where each person answers questions from different series’ seasons with hilarious results!
  • Harry Potter – Another classic character-based theme idea is Harry Potter; mum’s across Australia loved reading these books growing up so why not let them relive those memories by dressing up as their favorite characters? This party doesn’t have to just be about dressing up though – we suggest organizing some themed cocktails & mocktails plus maybe even doing some ‘magic tricks’ yourself if you’re feeling brave enough!

The food and drink

  • Food and drink should be served in a way that is fun and exciting. This could include having an ice lolly ice sculpture that looks like a phallus or serving all your guests shots out of penis straws.
  • The food should be healthy and tasty. You must remember the health aspect of this hen’s party boat weekend, as women are often under pressure to lose weight around the time they get married (or at least before their wedding).
  • The drink should be alcoholic. If you don’t drink alcohol then you can always have non-alcoholic drinks instead–like sparkling water with lemon slices!


Entertainment should be tailored to your theme, and you can choose a few options that fit the bill. The first option is for the party organizers to provide the entertainment. This could be a simple DJ who plays music in between games, or a full band that plays during dinner. The second option is for you to hire an entertainer as your main attraction – if you’re choosing this route, you should make sure they’re suitable for your hen’s party event! The third option is hiring someone who has skills outside of music – like magicians, comedians, or even fire eaters!

A boat is a great venue for a hen’s party weekend.

A boat is a great venue for a hen’s party weekend. Having a hen’s party on the water will allow you to see the city from a different perspective and enjoy some amazing views of Brisbane’s skyline. You can relax on board, have fun with friends and family, or get away from it all in an idyllic setting.


Concluding with a positive tone, the boat is a great venue for any hen’s party weekend. There are so many things to do and see on board that you’ll be able to keep your guests entertained throughout their stay. Plus, the setting is perfect for some fun-filled activities such as drinking games or dancing!

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