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How to Prepare for Your MCFC USA Adventure

As a Cityzen, your love for Manchester City will know no bounds. While you’re more than happy heading to the Etihad Stadium to watch your favourite team, you may decide to venture across England to watch Man City away games. Some of us like to go one step further and jet to Europe to watch them play in the EUFA Champions League. 

For those who like to follow their team all over the globe, you’ll know Manchester City are off to the USA in July for a brief summer tour. If you’ve got the funds and want to hop across the pond, you can catch the team play against Club America and FC Bayern Munchen. If your mind is made up and you’re heading stateside, here are some of the best ways to prepare for your MCFC USA adventure.

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Book Flights Early

Like if you were going on holiday, you’d know to score the best deals and bargains, it’s always advised to book your flights well in advance. Should you leave things till the last minute, you could end up paying out a fortune! If you’re off to Houston to watch Man City play against Club America, there are direct flights to Houston George Bush Airport from London. Airlines that fly directly include Air Canada and Lufthansa fly. 

If you are going to watch Man City face FC Bayern Munich in Green Bay, there are one-stop flights available from London and Manchester. For those doing both games, you can fly inbound from Houston to Green Bay. Just make sure you look at platforms like Skyscanner which can compare flights and get you the best deal. 

Sort Accommodation

Once you’ve got your flights sorted out, it’s time to look at accommodation. To start, you need to establish how long you’re going away. While some MCFC fans purely head overseas for the match and match only, others like to turn their adventure into a little holiday. For example, if you’re off to Houston, there are lots of fun things to do in the city that can fit around the game. 

Houston and Green Bay are home to dozens of hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs. All of these vary in price, so you’re sure to find accommodation that fits within your price range. To avoid disappointment, it’s best to book your accommodation sooner rather than later. 

Know Your Route

This cannot be stressed enough. You need to know your route inside out before descending on Houston or Green Bay. This includes knowing where your accommodation is located, where the stadium is, as well as public transport links. While you can catch an Uber to and from the stadium, expect to pay a lot more!

You also need to look where restaurants, bars, and cafes are situated. Unless food and beverages are provided at the hotel, you may need to venture out to keep your body fuelled. The last thing you want is to get lost in an unfamiliar location, so it’s wise to use Google Street View before you jet off so you can get somewhat of an idea of where things are.

Keep Entertained

During your MCFC USA trip, there will be some downtime involved. Once you head to your hotel, you may have some hours that you need to kill. If you don’t fancy heading outdoors and looking around, there are lots of ways to keep entertained inside instead. For instance, as long as you’ve got your smartphone with you, you can check out and find the best online casinos to play on. They are dedicated to helping players find the most reputable and trustworthy providers.

If you’re going on a solo adventure, loneliness may creep in. Sure, you may be at the stadium with fellow fans, but if you’re back in your hotel room with no one to talk to, this can make the experience somewhat dull. Thanks to Wi-Fi and technology, you can use platforms like Zoom or Skype to have calls with your nearest and dearest while you’re thousands of miles away from home.

Pack Appropriate Clothing

Whether you’re off to Houston, Green Bay, or venturing between the two, you should know that going there in July means there’s going to be lots of sunshine. Temperatures won’t be like they are in the UK, so you’ll need to pack appropriate clothing. This means leaving your jumpers and coats at home, and instead, piling your lightweight suitcase with t-shirts, shorts, and of course, plenty of sun lotion! Make sure to pack your football shirt too!

If you’re only heading away for a few days, you may prefer foregoing a suitcase and taking hand luggage instead. You can fit just about everything you need if you pick a suitable bag. Other items you’ll need to bring include underwear, socks, and a phone charger. 

Speak to Fellow Fans

It’s highly unlikely you’ll get to the stadium and find you’re the only Man City fan there. If you’re going solo to the USA, it’s best to speak to other fans beforehand. There are plenty of forums and communities you can join where you can engage with fans and talk about your trip.

You may find you make friends in the lead-up to your USA trip. This means you can meet up with them once you land. When going somewhere new, it’s always best to travel around in groups, primarily for safety reasons. Don’t be nervous about reaching out to other supporters. As you’ll know, MCFC fans are a friendly bunch and will be more than willing to add you to their pack.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as watching Man City play in different parts of the globe. If you’re off to the USA to catch their special matches, make sure you plan your trip out well in advance. Whether you’re off to Houston, Green Bay, or both, a bit of organisation and knowing what to expect will ensure your adventure is one you’ll always remember (for the right reasons!).