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7 Fun Things To Do In New York During Christmas

With so many things to do in New York during Christmas, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’ve narrowed it down to 7 fun things to do in the big Apple.

Christmas in New York is marvelous. The freezing in the air is just enough for the Christmas spirits. If you are planning to move to New York or just visit, spending your Christmas in New York is extraordinary. 

Being a magical time of the year, there are many ways to spend the holidays in New York. However, if you are considering relocating your family or office to New York, make sure you engage NYC movers. From packing to assembling your belongings, you can expect a stress-free process. 

If it is your very first time in New York, below are helpful tips on how to spend your Christmas in New York. 

7 Ways on how to spend your Christmas in New York

1. Enjoy Ice Skating 

people ice skating on field surrounded by high-rise buildings

One of the best ways to spend your Christmas in New York is by participating in ice skating. Happily, there are many great places where you will get an amazing experience. 

Although most ice skating areas are extremely busy in December, you can book ahead. Also, searching for VIP rinks can help you skip the queue. 

Some of the famous ice skating rinks include Brookfield Place, Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, Wollman Rink and Lasker Rink in Central Park, and Riverbank State Park Ice Skating Rink among many others.

2. Walking through Christmas Market in New York City

man wearing grey bubble jacket

It is a wonderful feeling to walk through Christmas markets during the holidays. Apart from the similar vendors, there are many small and unique vendors selling unique Christmas items. Some of the markets you can visit include:

* Bryant Park Winter Village – the market is known for decent shops, ice skating, and has the best environment for hanging out.

* Union Square Holiday Market – if you would love to shop exceptional Christmas items, this is the best market to consider. There are a lot of vendors and it is next to the farmer’s market.

* Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair – even though it is a small market, there are many things to do and see. It is also a good place to visit with family and friends.

* Columbus Circle Holiday Market – this is another small market but full of amazing items. It is a nice place to visit if you are near Central Park.

3. Admire Christmas holiday windows and decorations

Another remarkable way to spend Christmas is admiring holiday windows and decorations in the city. Every year, various stores in New York decorate their windows in enthusiasms and glamour. 

Visitors and New Yorkers line up to see the popular displays, especially on weekends. The stores turn their windows into amazing attractions. The best time to visit is at dusk to see the decorations and the lights in their full beauty. 

4. Visit Central Park

Central Park is a wonderful place to tour during Christmas. There are amazing things to do and see at the park. It is also a nice place to be with your family. 

For someone looking for a unique experience, Central Park has everything you need to see and admire. For example, you can take pictures and videos of the white wonderland landscapes and the beautiful tall buildings. 

5. Ride a Vintage Train

Another wonderful experience you can have during the Christmas holidays in New York is riding a vintage train. Although the trains are normally on display at the museum, they are brought out during the Christmas festivals to take passengers on special rides. 

The rides begin on Thanksgiving Day and end on New Year. But they run on Sundays between 10 am and 5 pm. You can visit the place for a ride or take photos. 

If you are there for pictures, make sure you arrive by 9 am. This means you will have enough time to take pictures before people start coming in. For the ride, make sure you arrive 30 minutes earlier to ensure you do not miss the train. 

6. Be part of the Christmas tree lighting ceremony

When it comes to Christmas trees, New York does not disappoint. There are many amazing ceremonies you can visit for the lighting ceremony. 

To attend the lighting ceremony, make sure you arrive early to have a good chance of seeing the Christmas tree clearly. Also, there are great musical performances before and after the ceremony. 

Apart from the lighting ceremony, the decorations are spectacular. Whether you will be part of the day ceremonies or you are planning to tour at night, the atmosphere is amazing. 

7. See Christmas shows

When moving your office from one area to another, it is beneficial to engage office movers. Commercial movers are experts who handle everything professionally and with care. 

If you are planning to settle in New York during the Christmas holidays, you need to set some time to see a Christmas show. Happily, there are multiple shows to consider. 

The shows are Christian-themed, have amazing musicals, and you can watch with family and friends. But make sure you get the tickets as soon as you can. Many people love Christmas shows and the tickets might be sold out. 

Final Words

New York is a great place to be on Christmas Day. Whether you have just moved in or you are a visitor, being in New York during the Christmas holiday is an unforgettable experience. 

Happily, there is so much to see and plenty of things to do in New York on Christmas. Also, there are amazing restaurants, places to visit, and wonderful people. However, make sure you plan ahead to ensure you do not miss a Christmas show or you are not part of the tree lighting ceremony.