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How To Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad

Few things in life are more exciting and rewarding than travelling abroad. It’s an opportunity to experience new surroundings and cultures and to get away from your everyday. The last thing you want then is confusion, illness, or crime spoiling your fun.  

Action Fraud has reported a substantial increase in holiday and travel-related fraud. But there are plenty of steps you can take to protect your wealth and health from scammers and other potential threats. 

So how can you make sure your adventures are plain sailing? Below, read five top tips for staying safe when travelling abroad. 

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Do research before choosing a destination

This might sound obvious, but it’s wise getting to know a destination in depth before setting off. Information such as safe and unsafe areas, as well as common scams, is all definitely worth knowing.  

You might want to study further specifics depending on your personal situation too. Some cultures are less inclusive of LGBTQIA+ communities, for example. 

Carry the essentials, smartly

How you carry and store valuables like money, payment cards, IDs, and devices is key. Make sure to use a safe in your accommodation, if available, and take out only what you need. 

Once you’re out and about, avoid making valuables obvious and easily accessible where possible. Busy spots like transport stations can be especially risky. And of course, if you don’t really need an item on your trip, leave it at home!

Be wary of public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi can seem like a blessing when abroad, especially if your accommodation lacks it and mobile data is expensive. But don’t let its convenience lure you into giving up valuable data! 

Using a VPN will help hide your information and activity if you do need to log on. Look for one with a URL scanner to help you spot and avoid dodgy websites on your travels.   

Get a health check-up (and any extras)

If you’re travelling a long way and/or going abroad for a long time, getting a health check-up beforehand is a smart idea. This way you’ll know you’re healthy enough to go as well as discovering any necessary vaccinations.

The NHS has advice on the latter, including what you might need and when and where to get it.  

Make electronic copies of important documents

Lastly, you’re likely to be carrying various important documents such as ID, booking confirmations and insurance information. Making electronic copies of any physical ones will give you peace of mind should they go missing. 

Make sure the files are accessible too, for example by emailing them to yourself and keeping your email on your smartphone. 

Are you all set? As long as you keep these tips in mind, you’re more likely to have the kind of holiday you’re expecting.