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How To Stay Safe While Travelling Abroad

Heading off on holiday is exciting and you should always take precautions but it is easy to get distracted while you are relaxing in the sun! If you want to know more about how you can keep yourself while travelling abroad this year then here are some things to consider.

woman standing behind Eiffel Tower during daytime

Make copies of your travel documents 

Making copies of your important documents such as your passport, visa, travel insurance and driver’s licence is key to keeping safe and secure when travelling. You should store these copies in a safe place in case the hard copies get lost or stolen.

You should always buy travel insurance before you go on holiday as if you get injured abroad you could be looking at a huge bill. For example, if you are on holiday in the USA and have a stomach bug or infection that needs treating, you could be faced with a bill of up to £100,000. This is likely to be much more if you need specialist treatment for a serious injury. If you do get injured, you may be able to make a claim, so it is important to keep copies of any documents or treatment receipts that you may receive.

Do your research 

Before you head on your trip, you should research the destination that you are visiting. It is important that you make yourself aware of any local cultures, laws or behaviour that could be deemed offensive to ensure that you are respecting the place you are visiting and its inhabitants. You should also ensure that you book accommodation in a safe area as you will often find that there are certain areas that travellers should avoid.

Another thing that you should research is any common scams or crimes that occur in the place that you are heading to. The majority of cities across the world will have high rates of pickpocketing, but there could be other scams that you may fall victim to if you are not aware of them. 

Be aware of your surroundings 

It is easy to let your guard down while travelling and display your valuables by taking pictures of the gorgeous views you may get to see. However, you should always keep an eye on your personal belongings and use good judgement when talking to strangers. If you ever feel uncomfortable in an area then you should leave straight away.

Be careful of public Wi-Fi

People are often more inclined to use public Wi-Fi when travelling abroad as paying for internet while travelling can be expensive. However, using public Wi-Fi can put your data at risk if you don’t have a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs protect you from hackers that may try to steal your valuable private information. They are easy to set up so if you are planning to connect to public internet it could be a good investment, particularly if you are travelling for an extended period of time and know you will need to use the internet.

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