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Is Travel Insurance Really Necessary?

Many people embarking on their summer holidays do not know why travel insurance is so vital for holidaymakers, as it protects them against many (unfortunately) common scenarios. This post will explain the benefits to taking out such a policy, and why it is so important.

  1. You are waiting at the airport for your flight to depart, look up at the departures board to check which gate you are departing from, and your eyes are greeted with the dreaded ‘Flight Cancelled’ message. Providing your flight has been delayed for over 24 hours, and you are already at the airport, you may be covered for the cost of replacing your tickets.
  2. You are halfway through your holiday, when you find out that your airline company has gone bust. In most cases you would be protected, and compensated if this happens to you.
  3. You finally touchdown after a long flight, and walk over to baggage reclaim so that you can collect your luggage and get on with your holiday. There’s only one problem – the luggage doesn’t arrive. One of those nightmare scenarios that unfortunately occur far too regularly. In this instance, you should first claim with your airline, but if they fail to comply, you may be able to claim if you have taken out travel insurance and receive compensation for any lost baggage that is not your fault.
  4. You fall ill or suffer an injury whilst on your travels – nightmare! However, if you have taken out holiday insurance and it is not your fault, you will be covered for emergencies, accidents and finally treatment costs.
  5. Personal circumstances force you to cancel or cut short your holiday – for instance, a close relative falls seriously ill. For those that have taken out an insurance policy, in certain circumstances your travel insurance provider will be able to compensate you for this.

We hope that this post will have made clearer why travel insurance is important, by outlining some possible scenarios where you would find yourself severely out of pocket if you were uncovered. If you’re traveling in the US and suffer from personal injury, contact Epstein Law Firm.

The information contained in this article may be subject to conditions and likely to change from time to time. It should therefore be only used as a guide. It is important you read any insurance policy carefully to understand what you are and are not covered for.

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