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Japan: A Wonderful Holiday Destination

Japan is one of the most visited countries in the world.

Tourists love the country because it is culturally rich and personifies tradition, history and heritage. Japan is a wonderful blend of new age technology and the old world charm. People keep visiting the country not only because of its culture and history but also because it is picturesque and has splendid and breathtaking landscapes.

Every globetrotter will suggest Japan as the ultimate holiday destination in the world. The people of the Land of the Rising Sun are still extremely attached to their customs and tradition. In fact, a big portion of their lives are governed by these age old customs. Even though Japan is a technological giant, it will always be known for maintaining their rich heritage.

However, travelling in Japan may pose as a problem if you do not know anything about the country or its people. Reading about Japan before you visit the country is a marvelous idea. You can consult travel books or guides. You may also talk to people who have visited the country of late or you can take the help of the internet and read blogs about Japan. These blogs are mostly written by tourists or locals. These blogs talk about:

Places to Visit in Japan

Japan is a huge country, and you must have an idea about what to do there and which places to visit. Once you have this chalked out you won’t have any trouble wandering the streets of Japan. There are various tourist spots you can visit in Japan, temples, shrines, old castles, malls, amusement parks, historically relevant places, etc. Once you have an idea about what to do in Japan, your trip will become meaningful and fun.

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The Culture of Japan

The people of Japan give culture a lot of importance. You must know the basics of their culture and etiquettes they follow. You should know how to greet people, how to eat at restaurants, how to behave in public places and also, if you are visiting someone’s house, you must know that shoes are not allowed inside.

Fashion Trends 

Women wearing kimonos in Tokyo, Japan [MAP]
Women wearing kimonos in Tokyo, Japan [MAP] (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Japan is not only about Kimonos. In fact the people of Japan are extremely stylish and follow the trends that are current in the fashion capitals of the world.


Japanese cuisine is not limited to sushi. The food is delicious and very healthy. If you are a foodie, these blogs will tell you exactly where to eat.

Go through a blog about Japan so that you feel comfortable in the country when you are visiting. The information provided in these blogs will help you adjust to the conditions of the country.

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AUTHOR BIO : The author Pretzal William knows how to enjoy Japan from various guide book on Japan. It is because the author herself is someone who loves travelling and advises people to readup guide books before paying a visit to that place. Keep on Reading to know more

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