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Karolina & Patryk

We welcome Karolina and Patryk to answer our Five Travel Questions! Since quitting college, this young travelling couple have wasted no time in visiting Europe, Asia and America. But where exactly was their favourite place? Read on and find out!
Why do you love travel? 
It’s not an easy question.It’s like asking why do you like to breathe or sleep. We love travelling because we need it to live. We can’t imagine life without tramping and discovering the world ;).
Thanks to travelling, you can learn about other cultures, habits and what’s the most important- you can learn more about yourself.
What destination is top of your bucket list? (Country, city, etc wherever!)
Right now we are crazy about Iceland. We are tired of tropics and we are increasingly fascinated by ‘cold’ countries. There is something special and unique about winter landscape… Our full bucket list you can find here.
Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to? (and why).
Definitely Thailand! It’s heaven on Earth :). People are friendly, food is delicious and scenery is lovely. It’s cheap, safe and just… amazing.
We’ve been in Thailand for 3 weeks and we’ll definitely come back there one day. The best place we’ve been to is Koh Phangan island. It’s not crowded, so you can see everyday life of locals.
What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?
We remember happiness that we felt when we came to Dominican Republic. We’ve been dreaming to visit this country for few years. It was our goal to go there on our honeymoon.
And so we did! We spend wonderful time in Dominican Republic this year 🙂
Don’t be afraid to dream. If you want something strongly enough, you’ll get it one day!
What is your favourite photo from your travels? (if you could attach the photo that would be great!)
Our favourite picture from our travels is photo with iguana.
It was taken on Caribbean and we really liked it!
We are happy, smiling, we are wearing our favourite travel clothes. And this little iguana symbolizes wildlife that we’ve always dreamt about :).
picture with iguana
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