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Telling us all about their travels today is Kirsten from Kirst Over The World! When she’s not skiing or surfing, she’s travelling to beautiful parts around the world and experiencing all they have to offer – and she’s still in her early twenties! Read on to find out her favourite photo from her travels and what amazing thing she saw in Canada!

Kirsten – Kirst Over The World

Why do you love travel?

I’ve been quite lucky when it comes to travel, seeing a lot of Europe from a young age, but it was only when I was a bit older that it hit me how special travel is. Apart from travel being the most exhilarating, beautiful and scary thing ever, I mostly love how much it opens your mind and leaves you in awe of the world.


What destination is top of your bucket list? (Country, city, etc wherever!)

It shifts around a lot, but recently I’ve got a serious travel craving for Costa Rica! The canopy tours, surfing and chilled lifestyle seem incredible. Plus, I’ve not made it to Central America yet and I’m eager to experience somewhere completely different to anywhere else I’ve been before.

My other top destination is New Zealand. I wish I had made it over there when I was in that part of the world, but didn’t get round to it (I wanted sun and chose Bali with my last pennies instead). The mountainous and natural scenery really appeals to me.

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to? (and why).

Australia. I first visited in 2009, basing myself in Sydney and travelling to the Blue Mountains, Cairns, the Whitsunday Islands and Uluru. I loved it so much I went to study there in 2012, living in Melbourne and exploring Great Ocean Road, Byron Bay, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and more. Australia’s just so diverse from beaches and rainforests to the outback and quirky cities. I love how friendly the people are and their way of life. It connected with me immediately as a home from home and I miss it very, very much (now that I’m back in London).

Kata Tjuta

What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?

Oh, there are so many. Having a bunch of friends together on the Great Ocean Road in Australia, watching the sunset behind the 12 Apostles, jumping off a pier in Lorne and running into the sea is a memory which never fails to make me smile.

A hazy 12 Apostles

Otherwise, my recent experience going Orca watching in Canada near Vancouver was amazing – one swam right under our little boat!

Orca watching in Canada!

What is your favourite photo from your travels? (if you could attach the photo that would be great!)

Just like with the last question, I have a lot of favourites, so this is tough! One is the Geysir in Iceland which I managed to capture at full height, but I’ll choose my current favourite of McWay Falls in Big Sur. I travelled along the west coast in August to September and Big Sur was a highlight: everything is so beautiful and weirdly glamorous.

McWay Falls

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