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Kris and Sarah – Jetsetting Fools

Today we have Jetsetting Fools couple, Kris and Sarah answer our Five Travel Questions. Kris and Sarah made the brave decision to take career breaks in 2014 and sold everything they owned to travel the world. Find out where’s top of their bucket list and what they chose as their favourite photo from thousands taken!

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Why do you love travel?

We love seeing the world with fresh eyes. We notice everything: how a place looks, how it smells, what the people sound like, how they act. We don’t need to understand their language to get a feeling for the culture. It is fascinating to take note of the similarities and differences and relish in them.

What destination is top of your bucket list?

Currently, the Galapagos Islands are at the top of our “Where we’re dying to go” list. We’ve been fortunate to travel to some incredible islands (Easter Island, Moorea, Mauritius), but are fascinated with the wild life that is found in the Galapagos. Open ocean, sail boats and snorkelling are some of our favourite things – add in sea lions, penguins, giant lizards and tortoises and we’re hooked!

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?

Picking a favourite is one of the most difficult things to do! We nearly fall in love with every place we go. If we narrowed it down to a region, it would be the countries of the former Yugoslavia. From the stunning coastline of Croatia to the poignant history of Bosnia-Herzegovina to the picturesque lakes and mountains of Slovenia, it is a region we are head over heels in love with!

What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?

Although not yet quite complete, our experience, as a whole, during our year-long journey around the world has been incredible. We’ve learned more in one year than we thought possible. We’ve seen amazing things and met even more amazing people. As we’ve almost come full circle, we’ve found that rather than feeling we’ve conquered the world, we’ve only really taken a peek. With so much more to see, we know our travels aren’t yet complete.

What is your favourite photo from your travels?

We’ve taken more than 20,000 photos in the past year alone, so it’s difficult to choose, but we often go back to a scene that we captured while having breakfast on the beach in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. We watched a woman walking the beach selling fresh fruit to the tourists. Even though it was still morning, the heat of the day was intense. Her baskets heavy, she rested in the sand and watched as a fishing boat passed by. Vietnam was such a special place for us – and this one photo seems to tell the story of many of the people there.

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