Kua’aina Review | Lava Grilled Burgers & Barack’s Got It Right

Lava grilled burgers?

You can’t read that and not order a burger at Kua’aina. This I gotta taste.

Not to mention Kuaaina is the President of the United States favourite burger!

I ordered the 1\2lb bacon and avocado.

You can actually taste lava grilled difference – it’s not just for marketing purposes. Although I couldn’t see the volcano in the kitchen…

The first thing I noticed was the smokey taste, just on the right side of burnt. It kind of smacks you across the mouth because it’s so unique and unlike any other burger in London.

The bacon was thick and I couldn’t really taste avocado, but it doesn’t taste of much by itself anyway I guess? It would have been better smashed as it just fell out of burger.

Milkshakes are quickly becoming my favourite thing (Hache review). I ordered a Coconut shake.

Oh wow. It’s like Kua’aina blended the inside of a bounty bar, but without the flaky mess of eating one.

The whole Kua’aina menu looks delicious. If it wasn’t for the lava grilled burger jumping out at me, I would have struggled to choose. Kua’aina also offer all day breakfasts with pancakes and all the trimmings like The Breakfast Club (review).

I love the Hawaiian theme decor which is very fun. Sitting in brightly coloured chairs, the walls are peppered with lays, surf boards, wooden boards and plastered with advertisements – even the roof is straw… If that didn’t get you feeling like you’re in Hawaii, the staff are dressed in Hawaiian shirts (wonder if they’re hiring, I do rock a Hawaiian shirt…)

If Hawaii is a little too unrealistic for you to pretend you’re in, enjoy a slice of the seaside and try Fraq’s Lobster Shaq (review) a couple of minutes walk away but still on Goodge Street.

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