Living Proof – Teen Suicide | Stuck on Repeat

Stuck on repeat is a continuing series of posts where I share the songs which have made me press the repeat button on Spotify.

My second most played track this year has been Living Proof by Teen Suicide (only recently surpassed by Circle of the Same Idea by Into. It. Over. It.).

Crossing genres like nobody’s business, you’ll hear jangly indie pop riffs reminiscent of The Cure. lo-fi guitar riffs Run For Cover label mates Pity Sex would approve of and an American Football type awesome trumpet solo .

But in the end it’s unlike anything else you’ll hear because no other song blends so many styles and successfully does so. That kind of sets the tone for the massive 26 song album it’s taken from, It’s the Big Joyous Celebration, Let Stir the Honeypot (which is also great and I recommend you give a listen).

Living Proof – Teen Suicide lyrics

A steady check, my old dead pets,
a well lit room with soothing off white walls
I’m sober now, it’s been a while,
everything feels like the first time
I pick a fight I know I’ll lose,
a steady head since I was a kid
and if all we get is all we get then that’s all we’ll get,
goddamn I guess that’s it

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