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Looking Back At Shenzhen

Shenzhen, the narrative starting point of China’s special economic zone, and the landmark of the era of reform and opening up. 40 years ago, when this border agricultural county appeared in the history of China’s reform in a state of leaping to the forefront, some people described it as a “one-night city”-as if it rose from the sky overnight, took root and joined the wind.

With reform as its root and innovation as its soul, over the past 40 years, this city has brewed a spring of melting snow and ice, writing a legend of gorgeous butterfly changes, and “planting” fruitful experimental fields for China’s reform and opening up.

After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Shenzhen at the first stop of his inspection tour from Beijing, staunchly proclaiming “Continue to advance reform and opening up”; on the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the General Secretary visited Shenzhen again and declared China to the world Without stopping reforms and opening up, “China will definitely have a new and greater miracle that will admire the world.”

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October golden autumn, Shenzhen ushered in major benefits-the State Council Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China issued the “Shenzhen’s Implementation Plan for the Pilot Comprehensive Reform of Building a Pilot Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (2020-2025)” to support Shenzhen’s implementation of a comprehensive authorized reform pilot. This is the inevitable path to fulfill the requirements of General Secretary Jin Ping’s “reform and opening up and start again”, and it is a brand-new mission given to Shenzhen by the times.

 Almost at the same time, the “New Era Shenzhen Spirit” was released. “Dare to experiment, be open and inclusive, pragmatic, and pursue excellence.” The urban temperament that has been cast in the construction of the special zone has injected a strong drive for reform.

The system and spirit, actions and ideas, like left and right hands, lift up the present and future Shenzhen together. Looking back at the 40 years of Yanlu Lanyu, it is the scientific and powerful system design and the indomitable spiritual power that have been relied on. From the chief designer who has the big picture in mind, to the provincial and municipal leaders who personally pioneered and fully promoted, and then to the ordinary strugglers who pursue their dreams, they have jointly created the miracle of Shenzhen and have also used hard work to interpret the special economic zone. Weight and charm.

Shenzhen has thus become a city carrying great dreams, connected with every Chinese heart.

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The number one success model is the’ Shenzhen Miracle'”

Since the story of spring was staged on the South China Sea, Shenzhen has received attention beyond national boundaries.

“In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s most eye-catching practice is the special economic zone. There are more than 4000 special economic zones in the world, and the number one successful model is the “Shenzhen miracle”.” The British “Economist” commented.

“Shenzhen is undoubtedly a compelling success story, and its development experience is worth learning from other emerging cities and special economic zones in the world.” United Nations Deputy Secretary-General and Executive Director of Human Settlements Planning Agency Maimouna Muhd ​​Sharif believes.

The road that Shenzhen has taken is the most representative epitome of China’s road in the eyes of the world.

 A city that condenses the vitality of China’s economic development.

On July 28, Shenzhen’s economic report for the first half of the year was announced. The GDP growth rate increased from -6.6% in the first quarter to 0.1%. After a brief stall due to the epidemic and other reasons, the “deep V curve” with an iron hook and silver hook was used again. Raise, take the lead in realizing positive growth when the global economy is still in a downturn

“This shows that Shenzhen’s economy is very resilient. Like other cities, the economic growth rate will drop when the external environment changes suddenly, but it tends to recover faster than other places.” Executive Vice President of Comprehensive Development Research Institute (Shenzhen) Analysis by Chang Guo Wand

In 40 years, Shenzhen’s actual population under management has increased from less than 30,000 to more than 20 million; the total economic volume has increased from less than 200 million yuan to nearly 2.7 trillion yuan; the per capita GDP has reached 30,000 US dollars…The economic development is vigorous, and both quantity and quality have improved.

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