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Matt & Alana – Great Big Globe

We love our travelling couples here at Elite Travel Blog. Add Matt and Alana from Great Big Globe to your list. Having quit their jobs just this year to explore more of the world, I’m tipping them to be the next big travel bloggers! Find out more about them, including their incredible photograph from Myanmar.


Why do you love travel?
We love travel because it gives us the opportunity to meet new people, explore new places and gain experiences that only travel can provide. Staying in one place and interacting with the same people everyday is no way to live in our opinion, we want to get out and see the world! Travel can be a test at times, but those situations make a person stronger and more flexible in the long run. ‘Get comfortable with uncomfortable’ is a suitable phrase for travel we think. 🙂

What destination is top of your bucket list?
South Africa! We’ve wanted to visit South Africa for quite some time and will finally have the opportunity in April of 2015. Our 56 day African overland trip ends in Cape Town which will be a great starting point for us to explore the rest of the country. We’re looking forward to climbing Table Mountain, renting a car and cruising the cape, visiting the Apartheid Museum, and drinking our way through the Stellenbosch Wine Route (among a million other things)!

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?
Ubud, Bali. We spent two weeks in this awesome town and fell in love. We were fortunate enough to get a housesitting job and were able to enjoy the company of two sweet dogs and two cute cats. We stayed outside of the city and woke up to amazing rice terrace views everyday. Our favorite activity in Ubud was participating in our first Hash House Harriers run. HHH tags itself as a “drinking club with a running problem.” Not being runners, we walked the course which took us through the beautiful Ubud country side. We interacted with plenty of locals along the way and it was an awesome way to see the area. There are groups all over the world and we definitely recommend giving it a try!



What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst traveling?
Tough question. We recently visited the small fishing village of Les in Bali. We booked a week stay via Airbnb and arrived with absolutely no expectations. Upon arrival, we realized we landed at the center of a coral reef rebuilding project, but it ended up being much more. We snorkeled in the Java Sea, played with the village kids, were able to see how organic salt is produced and in the evenings we helped teach English to the local teenagers, fishermen and laborers. By the time we left we were sure we had met that happiest people in the world.


What is your favourite photo from your travels?
Our favorite photo is from our trip to Bagan, Myanmar. We woke up around 5am, hopped on our ebike and made our way to Bulethi Pagoda to catch the sunrise. The sunrise was more beautiful than we could have imagined! Just as we were packing up to head back for breakfast, we heard the distinct sound of hot air balloons in the distance. Within 15 minutes the morning sky was full! We pulled out our phone just in time to catch one flying near the pagoda we were standing on. This photo is a wonderful reminder of our amazing two weeks in Myanmar.


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Have you visited any of these destinations? Tell me in the comments section below!

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  1. Thanks Tim! It was great chatting with you on this and we look forward to following more of the bloggers you feature in your ‘5 Questions’ series. Cheers!

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