Meiji – Everlasting Meiji – Five Travel Questions

Telling us all about his travels is Meiji from Everlasting Meiji. Find out why Meiji loves travel and check out some of his awesome photography from trips around the globe!

Why do you love travel?

It gives me freedom, it makes me feel I can do everything. Human being is an explorer by nature, and nothing compares to the sensation of arriving to a new place for the first time, explore and get lost a bit. You never know what is to really live until you meet new people, until you hear new languages, until you know new cultures, eat new food, etc. It’s a wonderful sensation.

What destination is top of your bucket list?

Japan! Definitely! I’ve always had this dream since I was a child, I just love its culture! I want to get lost in Japan and see its rising sun in person! Stay in the country, meeting the people and take part in their traditions. I still haven’t gone there but I’m already planning a trip for November, though this time I wanna do something different since I want to take my bicycle with me. I’m currently doing a research about how to, what I need, safety precautions (for the bike in airplanes), etc. I know there’re people who travel with bikes, so it’s definitely possible. I’ll let you know if I finally manage to do it.
Other top destinations for me are Korea, China, Mongolia and several countries from Southeast Asia. My first destination for November is Japan, and then I think I’ll just follow the second star to the right, and straight on till morning, and see where it takes me.

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?

I couldn’t choose an absolute favorite (yet, perhaps it all changes when I finally arrive to Japan), but I think I can answer this with the last time (and only) I traveled with some of my closest friends. All of us were in different cities at that time, suddenly, one day we just decided to go to a place called Ixtlan, we arrived and immediatly realized it was gonna be different. I wasn’t by myself and it was more like a special gathering of friends in a special place, that was the first time for me in the mountains with that cold breeze and that amazing spectacle of thousands of star lights at night, it was beyond beautiful! That time was really unique since we haven’t been able to do it again, some of them have office jobs and multiple tasks, we just haven’t managed to coincide again. I wrote a blog post about this time.

What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?

It’s an neverending list! It goes from meeting new people, eating native food, get to know a bit more of the culture, being freaked out and thinking I was gonna die while climbing a mountain… etc. But I guess there was a different starting point during my stay in Mexico City, there I started to go everywhere with a bike and now I’m thinking on traveling with it. This will enrich my experiences and I definitely can’t wait to start! I’m really excited about this! I mean, taking my bike with me, exploring the streets of a new city with it, it has to be something else! I guess my absolute favorite memory will be reserved for the day I’m finally doing my first biking in Asia or somewhere else. I really enjoy it, I’ve even writen an article about safety tips for city biking.

What is your favourite photo from your travels?

I spent quite a some time trying to pick some of my favorite pictures, I ended up picking the ones I check the most. Hope you like them as much as I do. I’m a not a professional photographer, I just try to capture an everlasting memory I can keep.

The Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City

Biking in Reforma Avenue in Mexico City

Monolith of Aztec God Tlaloc Outside of the National Museum of Anthropology

Madero Street in Mexico City

Biking in Reforma Avenue in Mexico City

A view from Chapultepec Castle

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