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Is The Leather Satchel The Best Smart Man Bag Around?

The Boxing Day and January Sales have been a mixed bag for me so far. I’ve made the same mistakes of previous sales gone by of buying things because they are cheap and not because I really like the items. But one of the highlights by far has been a new bag from River Island.

I’ve been looking for an alternative to my current bags which include a navy Fred Perry weekend holdall (which I adore but it’s really too big for everyday use) and a white Nike messenger bag (which looks very studenty I know). You can’t overestimate a good manbag I’ve found though. Living in Britain, I always carry my umbrella in case a shower breaks out while it’s a good place to store things like my bulky wallet or miscellaneous items like pens, book and mints.

I adore over-the-shoulder-bags and made the transition from backpack many year ago when I started university (it was a lovely Ted Baker bag which broke after five years of extensive use – I would still be using it if it hadn’t broke probably!). Why do I like messenger bags so much? I just find it easier to whip round and take things out of it and also I’m slightly worried about pickpocketing on my travels.

Satchels have become the darling of the bag world in recent years, thanks largely to The Cambridge Satchel company – and what’s not to love about them? Aside from the Google advert of how The Cambridge Satchel company came to prominence (I’m a marketing graduate after all) the design and wonderful array of colours means you can find a style that will suit and reflect you – and that’s what fashion is all about right?

However, I always thought of satchels as a female item of clothing (the ad only shows women overjoyed with their satchel). So to my surprise I stumbled upon satchels in the men’s department of River Island. Priced at £30 I ummed and ahhed but decided against making a purchase there and then. Whilst browsing the River Island sale, a smile came to my face as I saw the satchels were half price! So I was definitely going to get one, but the hardest decsion was to come – which colour should I buy?

Colour is something I’ve been more concious of in the past few years ever since a mate told me I like wearing blue. So I’m very concious of having too much blue in my wardrobe now, plus I have three coats which are blue so and I wanted something different which ruled out the teal colour (even if it is gorgeous).

Off the top of my head I think they had four other colours to choose from – purple, yellow, red and green. I’ve never been a fan of green and I thought purple definitely made it look like a women’s satchel. The only reason I chose the mustard yellow over the dark red was because I have a red jacket which would clash.

Men's Yellow Leather Satchel

Men’s Yellow Leather Satchel

The yellow really adds colour to my everyday outfit too and yellow is missing from my wardrobe too. It’s smart look is ideal for work attire; it combines well with my peacoat or blazer. The handle at the top is perfect for those looking for a briefcase which is extremely formal (*cough* briefcase wanker). One thing that worried me were the buckles! Would I be struggling and fiddling every time I went to get something? Fear not as the designers have this covered with magnets that click into place easily- what a relief!

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Men's yellow satchel

Men’s yellow satchel

The satchel is perfect as it’s a little smaller than my Nike messenger bag but still easily fits my umbrella length ways. You’ll find a pocket under the flap which would comfortably fit a 7″ tablet and two smaller pockets perfect for a wallet. The leather means it holds up well to the British weather as rain just drops off which is a distinct advantage over canvas satchels.

Yellow satchel and blue blazer

Yellow satchel and blue blazer

At £15 it’s an absolute steal and I can see me keeping this for many years to come. It’s also a fraction of what you would pay for one from The Cambridge Satchel Company yet doesn’t compromise on style. The teal and purple are still available online, but I have seen the whole collection instore at various River Island’s so it’s worth having a look if you fancy one of the other colours!

Do you have a satchel? Are satchels the best manbag on the market at the moment? Tell me in the comments section below!

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