Mister Pumpernink Review | Pizza In Holland Park

Visiting Kyoto Garden in Holland Park and can’t come to an amicable decision on what to eat?

Just down the road from Holland Park underground you’ll find the multi-cuisined Mister Pumpernink. Jack of all trades, they offer everything from full English breakfasts in the morning to pastas, burgers, and even deserts (Mister Pumpernink menu). Not to mention a large list of pizzas, the smallest is a 10 inch coming in 6 pieces.

Rambo pizza

I ordered the Rambo pizza which promised heat and lots of it for £10.50. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality (call me cynical but I’m dubious when restaurants have such a varying menu and specialise in nothing).

The base and crust was soft unlike Dominos and I was able to cut it with a knife and fork without too much effort. Plenty of tomato sauce hiding underneath the cheese. The chicken didn’t really register on my hot scale as described however.

Mister Pumpernink is a decent option if you’re in Holland Park, but not somewhere I’d go out of my way to eat at.

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