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A Mom’s Guide To Traveling Sane


Planning a trip and getting out of the door with a baby can sometimes feel like a Herculean task, right? First of all packing things for yourself and maybe your significant other and then add to that a child and you have a recipe for disaster, right? If that weren’t enough, finding family-friendly hotels, sights and experiences only further the burdens. As real as these struggles are, hear me out when I tell you that it is far more than just worth it. Traveling with your baby can be enjoyable as well as beneficial for the future of your relationship and the baby’s personal development. Just be sure to take care of a few things that I will lay out step by step for your here and go out and have your fantastic family bonding time!


In some traveling folklore, it is said that if you multiply the weight of your baby by three times, you get the weight of the luggage they require. Whether that is true or not, the baby’ bags are anything but tiny. However, if you keep in mind a very essential feature of the trip, you will be able to keep things to a minimum. Always pack assorted items for your travels and be prepared for anything. No need to pack the week’s supply of diapers; they’ll surely have stores where you are going. Another important feature to packing with kids is to pack a at least a day beforehand. This gives you time to prepare a running list of essentials as well as optionals so you don’t sit in the car freaking out about last minute things that need to be packed for your family vacation. The key to parental peace is a content baby; be sure to pack some items that help keep the little one entertained.

Baby carriers are a must.

To get an idea of what items can help reduce your luggage size, read these Modern Traveling Items that mothers should include for family vacation travel.



Anyone who has lived the parental life knows it is about both your child and you (more about the child, yes. Nevertheless, they are you). I’ve always opted to travel to places that I know would entertain my child as well. But before stepping out for as little as an evening stroll, make sure your child’s fundamental needs are satisfied; i.e., they are well fed and well rested. Also, your child is not as adaptable as you are make sure to stick to their napping schedule as best as you can for happy travels.



Have you ever tasted one of those canned baby foods? I have and they’re horrific, if you ask me. Needless to say, your child’s palate varies from yours. So even if you’re going to a restaurant or any other place that is sure to have food, ALWAYS pack food for your baby. Make sure the food is healthy and suits your baby; the last thing you need is a child with an upset stomach on your family vacation. I’ve personally always relied on homemade baby food to save the day but in a pinch you can also find something at a local grocery store in the city that you’ve traveled to.

My golden rule has always been to keep more snacks than I think necessary.

Handling the Situation

Next time your baby seems bent on embarrassing you publically, take a deep breath. Do not treat the bystanders as high school teenagers waiting to mock you, unless they truly are, and ask for help whenever you need it. You’ll be surprised at the amount of good Samaritans you’ll come across during your travels. Keep your cool and don’t let your child play with your marbles. Babies especially are only trying to get their needs across. Sometimes this doesn’t happen when we would like it on a family holiday but so is life.

Go Slow

Quick and steady wins the race here. Extend your trip by 2 or 3 days to accommodate your baby’s energy. Don’t try to string many events and places into the same day. Remember my rule about nap time? Go out and continue until everyone is excited and be sure to call it a day when your child starts to tire out. And what to do if you have something planned on your family vacation that doesn’t coincide with naptime? Maybe ask your hotel about helping you find a reputable babysitter.

Arrange beforehand

Life favors the prepared so always organize and plan your family trip, especially when traveling with kids or a baby. Arrange travels and accommodations as early as possible; preferably before you even hit the road. Being stuck at airports or waiting for hotel check-ins is no one’s ideal vacation; planning will surely keep the spirits and energy intact.

Care Package

All that being said, how about having a complete checklist at your disposal before you leave for your destinies?  This is your “super first aid kit” having being tailored for baby-emergencies too. The essentials include sanitizers, wipes, lotion and medicines. Relying on your child’s immune system alone may not always be the best of routes. This is especially true when flying where you are exposed to so many new people with new germs in a small space.

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