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What’s The Most Popular Cabin Bag? – The Ultimate Cabin Luggage Study

Here at Global Luggage, we fancy ourselves as luggage virtuosos. As a result, we’re always on the lookout for what we believe makes the best lightweight luggage stand out. So, we analysed what we deem to be the ‘most popular’ cabin bags.
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With the help of some established travel aficionados and our own luggage experts, we put together a list of the 20 most popular pieces of cabin luggage at present, and matched their dimensions with 56 of the world’s biggest commercial airlines to see which bag would fit in the most cabin holds (or if you’re looking for the best checked luggage).

From airline to airline, there is no standardised carry-on bag size. Each airline comes up with their own limits and restrictions on size, weight and number of items allowed in the cabin. This can be confusing – and frustrating! – for travellers. To help, we wanted to create an effective way to check the most popular commercial airlines’ cabin baggage requirements. We then matched them against the most popular cabin luggage bags.

For our research, we gathered the hand luggage dimensions of 20 of the most popular choices of cabin bags. Then, by matching their dimensions with the baggage restrictions of popular commercial airlines, we deduced which airlines each piece of luggage complies with.
The results make for some interesting reading.

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It was close at the top. But ultimately the @Work Two-Wheel Briefcase by Briggs and Riley packed up the competition by fitting on all 56 of the airlines we analysed.

The Slicks Travel System’s neat design allows you to safely stow your suit without getting it creased. Considering this, we were pretty impressed that it fits on a total of 50 airlines.
Coming in at joint third were the ‘lightweights’. Both the IT Four-Wheeler and American Tourister Lightweight can fit on a total of 49 airlines. Interestingly, popular business luggage, the Antler Neptune Mobile Office, lagged behind, only fitting on nine cabin holds.

These days, the savvy traveller knows that flying with just hand baggage can save substantial amounts of time and money. With so many hold luggage items going awry (with some never showing up on the carousel at all, causing unnecessary delays), and with prices for airline hold allowance sky-high, it’s no wonder people are looking to economise whilst avoiding extra waiting time in the process.

So, if you are planning a short holiday, long weekend or business trip, consult the comprehensive cabin luggage study to see which airlines your luggage complies with, and happy flying!

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