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Most Beautiful Places In Cyprus

Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean is famous for its endless sunshine and crystal clear beaches. That is why tourists flock to the island, especially in summer.  

The beauty of the island is apparent in the  popularity of the  tourist spots that are the favorites of many, like the Ayia Napa and the Tombs of Kings You may find yourself crammed with the rest of the vacationers in the beaches yet, Cyprus still has lots of hidden gems that you probably didn’t know, there are lovely tourist spots that you must go to.

If you want to experience the best of the island without having to deal with the tourists, you may choose to program your visits to these spots.

Cyprus_Natural Beauties_Image_Salt Lake_Pink Flamingos

Larnaca Salt Lake

Larnaca Salt Lake is situated towards the south west of Larnaca and comprises a complex of four salt lakes, Alyki (the main salt lake), Orphan, Soros and the small airport lake.

These wetlands are important as they have an ecological significance for Cyprus. During winter, the lake is filled with rainwater and attracts migratory birds including pink flamingos. A natural trail has been created along the banks of the lake connecting the area with the Aphrodite Cultural Route and this perfect route for picture taking walking, jogging, and cycling.

Larnaca is known to be the “Gateway of the Republic of Cyprus”. It is a perfect starting point from which to explore Cyprus. The city is also a great place to live in. The city of Larnaca offers a metropolitan vibe that is attractive to the tourists and newcomers. There are many  Larnaca hotel apartments to enjoy your stay.

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Stavrovouni Monastery

Larnaca is a premier seaside resort in Cyprus. Picture a beachfront with swaying palm trees and a fort – then that’s how you can describe its coastline promenade. It’s the center of the past and the present with its restaurants, cafes, and  bars. Yet it remains to be laid back compared to the other metropolitan areas in   Cyprus.

Forty kilometers from Larnaca is the Stavrovouni Monastery. It is perched on a hilltop. Legends say that the monastery was established by St. Helena to place relics from Jerusalem. A fragment of the Holy Cross from the Holy Land is preserved in an ornate  solid silver cross inside the church

Akamas Peninsula

If you love biking or hiking, then you will love the Akamas Peninsula. It has a  rugged, natural wilderness and a thickly headed woodland. This is a good site to be enjoying plants and birds watching. Then head to the Avakas Gorge.

Wander through its stream of silence inside the narrow gorge and then walk upwards to explore the sceneries in one of the wineries. If you head to Lara bay, you can enjoy its unspoiled beaches and see the endangered loggerhead sea turtles.

Cyprus_Natural Beauties_Image_Rocky Coast

Cape Greco

Cape Greco is located in the south-east tip of Cyprus which is perfect for nature lovers due to its jaw-dropping shorelines. Here, you can enjoy various sea – related activities like diving in its deep clear waters, cliff jumping from its rocky coastlines, exploration of its sea caves by hiking or just simply lounging in the sand with after a quick dip. Navigates it’s easy to follow trails and you will reach the Cape Greco’s lighthouse.

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The twin communities of Pano and Kato Pyrgos

Along the coast in northern Cyprus lies the great twins. These are the communities of Kato Pyrgos and Pano. Be amazed by this quaint, little villages where time stood still.  A trip to its beaches is a delight since most of the beaches are secluded and deserted! Explore its harbor taking in the peaceful life in the village and take a feast in the bounties of the sea in its seafood restaurants.

Kykkos Monastery

As Cyprus is known for its crystal – clear beaches,  monasteries are not really considered as a top priority as a destination yet Cyprus is rich in history and people should appreciate these places.

Located in the mountainous region of Marathasa Valley, the Monastery of Kykkos is the wealthiest and most lavish on the island. It is built on a mountain peak and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The monastery possesses one of three icons attributed to Agios Loukas (Apostle Luke) the Evangelist.

Choirokotia Archeological Site

In the modern village of Choirokoitia in the Maroni Valley, within the Larnaca district of Cyprus lies an archeological site. It is a remarkably well-preserved settlement from the Neolithic Age that has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The excavation site which is still partially uncovered features limestone houses, with their domestic and agricultural tools and implements. This site gives us an insight into how people in that period lived and thrived.

Cyprus_Natural Beauties_Image_Agros Village

Agros Village

This village is built on the Troodos Mountains, in southwest Cyprus. Built in an amphitheatrically manner, this picturesque village boasts of panoramic forest views.

Walking in village narrow streets and natural trails is an attraction. It has maintained its traditional customs and practices, especially in agriculture. Then, in the months of May and June, something happens magically.

The village experiences mass blooming of thousands of deep pink Damascus roses. These roses are turned into rose water or used in baking. The transformation of the village brought by the beauty of the thousands of roses is well-worth the trip.

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