Oreo Freakshake, Maxwell’s Bar & Grill Review | I Wanna Get Freaky Wit’ You

I declare the Oreo freakshake at Maxwell’s Bar and Grill London’s best milkshake.

Hmm… I may have ordered too much.

Ya think Tim?!

The freakshakes are a meal on their own. Or they’re best shared. But regular readers will know I don’t share.

There are a ton of places serving Oreo milkshakes in London now. But Maxwell’s Oreo freakshake is the best in the city. I mean, you get a fricken’ brownie on top! And look at that whipped cream!

I was only at Maxwell’s to try the freakshake. But I’m on the look out for ice cream sandwiches since trying Cookies and Scream in Camden.

I also thought the Oreo ice cream sandwich would complement my Oreo freakshake well.

I have my logic.

The Oreo ice cream sandwich was also delicious. Like a giant Oreo but the outside was softer, much spongier than it’s biscuity brother.

I didn’t finish either. I’m not a monster. Although I’m sure Cookie Monster could have.


I also had this song playing in my head the whole time…

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