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Today we have Paul from Gobackpackgo answering our Five Travel Questions and see a few of his favourite photos from this travels!


Why do you love travel?
For me traveling is all about adventure and freedom. I like it when I wake up the day is different than yesterday and dont know where I will sleep that evening.

What destination is top of your bucket list?
I realy want to go to New Zealand. I love nature and the pictures I’ve seen from New Zealand are awesome! Top city on my list is Istanbul! I think a great and living city.

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?
Myanmar! The people in Myanmar are so friendly and the temples in Bagan are stunning. That view with the sunrise and sunset is crazy beautiful.


What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?
In the last trip I did I was traveling for a year. Every single morning of that year I woke up happy. Just thinking: I’m living my dream, lets go and do some cool stuff today!

What is your favourite photo from your travels?
I have a couple.
1) The one with the motorbike in Vietnam

I never drove a motorbike but it was one of my maingoals in Vietnam. In Cambodia I connected with three kiwi guys and we rode our motorbikes together al the way up in Vietnam. Pure freedom! The moment I sold my bike I promised myself that I would go for my motorbike driverslicence when I’m back in the Netherlands

2) Mount Hua Shan in China

China was my first destination on my trip, Xian my second city. Here I discovered something about Mount Hua shan and decided to go. We slept on the mountain saw the sunrise and did the plankwalk were you could look 2000 mtr down! Awesome feeling!

3) Cycling Norway

I like challenges and adventures, this cycling trip was both. Everyday challenge myself and everyday I didn’t know where I should sleep that evening. Just ride and see. Those view on Norway I’ll never forget.

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