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Pay Your Way Around The World In These 5 Ways

If you love traveling, but you are not a trust fund child, nor an heir to a kingdom, you could have a hard time financing your passion.

If you are like me, who started traveling with only a dream in my pocket, then you will save every penny, live cheaply, and deny yourself small luxurious just to fund that first road trip. Or do you have to? Here is a quick list of careers that you could do while enjoying new destinations.

  • Teach English

Here is the thing, native English speaker. The language that you speak by default is one of the most sought after in the world. You could teach it to children and adults of the countries you visit in exchange for living in the country. Well, no as in batter trade, but you get my point. To teach English abroad, you will need to take up TEFL courses, which are intense but last only a short while. In four short weeks, you could have your TEFL certification and be ready for the world.

  • Write Away

Do your friends and colleagues say you have a way with words? You put words together beautifully, and can paint a picture in someone’s head using your words? Well, let your words help you pay your way around the world. You can pen down your travels in a travel blog, or write for travel magazines around the world. You will be surprised how in demand your kind of writing would be.

  • Be A Food Blogger

You love food, clearly more than the average person, and you are not afraid to try out new cuisines. Pair that with a flair for writing colorful reviews, colorful here meaning honest and scathing where you have to be. There is a whole new world out there craving this combination. Besides, what better thing to do than eating and write your way through the world? And get paid to do so? I could trade my job for yours in a heartbeat.

  • Fly Away

If you enjoy being around people and can pull a killer smile even after 20 hours of flight, then you should be a flight attendant. You will certainly get the chance to see the world from several feet up almost every day. Imagine jetting into a new location each week, spending a few hours, or a day in a foreign town, then doing it all again the following day. Do not get me started on the substantial discounts for you and your family from the airline. Bliss, isn’t it?

  • Cook Internationally

Food is everything, isn’t it? If you are a chef and like experimenting with different ingredients, you could apply to a hotel chain that could send you overseas regularly. This experience will not only give you the chance to see the world in all its colors, but it will also make it possible to experience cultures and the different cuisines. Win win!

Go Out and Win!

The possibilities are endless for you, a citizen of the world. You only need to look around and take the first step. Godspeed!

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